Tips for Searching the Public Records

Public records are considered the bedrock of democracy as it helps people keep an eye on their country’s Government’s performance. Besides analyzing the performance, these records are used for many other purposes, especially in your decision-making and academic research.

Whether you are starting a new business, shifting your home to a new city or state, or want to know whom you should vote for, you can get help from the public records. Once you visit and analyze those records, you can easily know about many things that could help you make the right decision.

These records offer a wealth of knowledge to all those people who know how to search and analyze those records to their full potential. If you are searching for public records, the tips mentioned below could help you in your search.

Use online databases

First of all, you should use online public record databases. On those websites like,

 you can easily find the data you want. Browsing online databases is much better than visiting public offices as you don’t need to take some time from your busy life to visit the offices.

The public offices have specific timing, and they only operate on working days, when most people are also busy in their jobs and businesses. In contrast, you can collect all the data whenever you have free time by visiting the websites. You also don’t need to go anywhere to collect the data. Instead, you can find the data sitting on your sofa.

Another advantage of browsing online databases is that you can easily save the data you want in your mobile phones and laptops.

Know public record laws

If you are unable to find the public records on the online databases, you will have to ask for them on the website of FOIA or visit the local records office to get that. The problem with this kind of search is that sometimes the authorities don’t allow you to get the data due to many issues.

For that purpose, you should be aware of the Freedom of Information Act 1967 and the laws of your state. It could help you provide a solid argument for the authorities, and they could offer you access to the public records you want.

Personally visit the public records office

When you are aware of the laws and personally visit the office, the officers there will more likely give you access to the data. When you are in front of a clerk, he could hesitate to refuse to provide you with access.

Always be polite with the clerks

If you are personally visiting the public record office, you should politely talk with them and ask for the data. The clerks are aware of the state laws, and they won’t deny your access to the data. If they don’t permit you to see the records, you can politely tell them about the state laws.

The problem is that sometimes the clerks get offended, and they don’t allow you to see the records. Even if you complain about their behaviour, it will waste your time. Instead of wasting your time, you can politely ask them, and they will most probably allow you to see the public records.