Tips for Saving Money on a Luxury Car Rental in the Atlanta

Renting a luxury car may be necessary in certain cases, for example when a family is on vacation in a holiday destination or when one is traveling on business or for leisure. The luxury car will enable smooth and comfortable traveling, and at the same time it will make you stand out as a person of great taste and means. However, many people are taken aback upon approaching Atlanta luxury car rental service providers due to the high costs they are asked to pay. The overall cost comprises the rental price, insurance costs, administration costs, fuel costs, and taxes. However, did you know you can do away with most of these costs associated with car rentals?

Here are some tips you can use to save money on high-end car rentals:

Book earlier online

Most of the time you will pay a premium price if you walk into a car rental company office and book a rental on the spot. However, if you book earlier online, chances are you will pay less. Booking online offers you the opportunity to compare the rates from several rental companies and to take advantage of online coupons or discount codes. Also, pre-paying as you book in advance will often earn you a discount, like 20%, which is a significant amount.

Utilize frequent hirer programs

Similar to airlines, hotels, and stores for merchandise, most car rental services—even for high-end vehicles—keep track of customers’ business with the company. The rental companies offer some discounts to loyal customers. For this reason, you are better off renting a car from the Atlanta luxury car rental service providers which adequately meet your needs, and you will get better rates or discounts.

Try to bargain the price

What strategy can you use to improve your haggling for the car you want to rent? Well, one of the tactics is to get quotes from various providers and pit rental companies against each other. Although most companies have fixed rates, you may get a better rate through bargaining. Also, ensure you compare prices by visiting websites that review such services—do not go into any rental company blindly. If the rental company cannot offer a discount on the initial hiring rate, push them to see if you can get extra days to use the car at discounted rates.

Fill the tank before returning the car

Car rental companies may tend to charge hefty amounts if they have to refill the tank for you. Refilling it yourself could save a decent amount, as you will do so at the going rate at a local gas station.

Bottom Line

It is possible to save money when renting luxury cars, but you need to know a few things. You should book earlier, be loyal to one or a few car rental companies, bargain for a better rate, and return them with full tanks.