Tips For Resolving Conflicts In Your Relationship

Has your relationship hit some rocky waters? Are you wondering how to move forward? Well, here are some useful tips to help you reconcile and work on your relationship without giving up.


1.What Do You Love About Your Partner?

During the bad times, you need to remind yourself what you love or like about your partner. You need to remember why you chose your partner in the first place. Your partner is not supposed to be your clone. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that you have different likes and dislikes. Of course, these differences don’t mean that you made a mistake in the first place by choosing them.


If you want your relationship to work you need to know each other. In the beginning, you might be putting the best foot forward but it’s always a part of the process. Once the less positive aspects appear, you are likely going to become critical. You might be worried that you made a mistake and you don’t actually know the person you are in a relationship with.


Of course, that’s a huge misconception and not true. You didn’t know everything about your partner at that time and there was no possible way to know everything. If you have hit a wall in your relationship, you need to remind yourself of the good things and what you love or like about your partner. That way, you can make them up using both the good and bad aspects.


Now, you can say some of the things you love about them loudly. They are likely going to return the favor and say some of the things they love about you. Even better, you might find new things you love about them.


2. Always Remember That You Are Not Alone

Yes, knowing that you are not alone might not make everything better but it will help. If you have conflicts, it doesn’t mean that the relationship has gone sour. For instance, Ryan at said millions of people love watching football but their partners don’t. They always find something to share together, some even learn to enjoy the game and make it more fun with a bet or two. Therefore, you are not alone if you don’t share every interest.


3. Conflicts Are Part Of Any Relationship

Any good relationship is bound to have conflicts. Even better, you might grow from it. Your relationship will survive if you learn how to manage your differences. Don’t let a simple conflict run the relationship into the ground.


4. Mutual Respect

A relationship can only thrive with mutual respect. You need to learn how to respect your partner’s interests and they need to respect yours. For instance, if your partner loves watching sports but you don’t, you can always stay in the same room and enjoy each other’s company. You can watch something on your phone, read a book or take a nap right beside your partner as they enjoy the game.


On the other hand, if you are watching a favorite show but your partner doesn’t love it, they can sit with you just like you did it as they watched their favorite game. Yes, they might make a few comments about your shows but they respect your time together. You don’t have to like the same things but you can respect each other for having differences.


5. Find Things To Do Together

Just because you have different likes and dislikes, it doesn’t mean there aren’t a few things you can do together. You should always find something you can share together to strengthen your bond. It’s the best way to find a good balance in your relationship. You can always go back and enjoy these things when you are fighting and enjoy the peace that comes with enjoying something together.


Whether it’s watching a beloved show or going to the movies together, you should be able to find a good balance alone and enjoy some alone time together. Yes, you can part ways and enjoy separate interests alone but always find time to be together.


6. Communication

Whatever you do, you need to remember the importance of communication. If there is something that your partner has done that you don’t like, don’t keep it to yourself. Also, don’t’ shout it to them. Rather, find a good way to put it in words that they hurt your feelings and you hope they would change their behavior in the future.


Also, if your partner mentions something they didn’t like about your actions or behavior, you should not ridicule them. Rather, be open to change and find ways to appreciate that they opened up to you. Remember, if you don’t talk about it your partner will continue doing it without knowing that they hurt you.


Working on your relationship is the best way to stay afloat especially in these uncertain times. Use these tips to work on your relationship effortlessly.



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