Tips for renting a car

One of the most beautiful ways to discover new places is to rent a car in Jamaica, so that you can always follow different itineraries, far from mass tourism and only following your own rhythms and desires.

When organizing holidays on the road the most significant cost is certainly the rental of the car, above all because often seemingly advantageous contracts hide very well masked pitfalls.

In most cases, reading the documents carefully and clarifying all aspects before renting the car will allow you to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Here is a list of the most common pitfalls.

Always check for pre-existing damage.

Make sure that the documents show the damage already present at the time of delivery, to avoid that you are charged with scratches and blows for which you are not responsible.


Check the type of mileage foreseen in the contract; many have a maximum threshold beyond which a higher rate is triggered. If you are not sure that you are within the range, it is better to opt for the unlimited mileage mode.


Most agencies rent and return the car with a full tank; otherwise a penalty will be applied.

In other cases it is possible to return it with an empty tank, which in reality is practically impossible with the result of always giving the car rental a few liters of petrol.


A few hours late can cost you heavy penalties, especially during the high season when agencies are inundated with requests. Check if the contract provides a delivery time and also the closing time of the car rental.


No matter how nice the agency employee looks to you, know that all accessories are considered extra and almost always come at a considerable cost.

You will almost always be asked if you want a child seat or a satellite navigator, letting you understand that it is included, however the kind gift will then be charged to your credit card.

For the online booking of car rental services, there are the usual operators now known all over the world and also other excellent alternatives with truly competitive prices. We can suggest for example the online car rental service.


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