Tips for Renovating Property in London

Property prices in London are insane so you might as well be motivated to renovate your property and give it the illusion of a new house. After all, we’ve all heard of Don’t Move, Improve!

The idea of revamping your property might seem daunting. Beginning your journey with a clear-cut goal is important; know what you want to keep, what you want to throw out, and what you want to change. Storage units can really come to your rescue here! For this purpose, we have gathered below some of the most important tips you should keep in mind to ensure a smooth renovation process.


  1. Plan your Budget

It is always possible to get carried away with how you want your dream house to be. Thus, it’s important to be realistic and know exactly what all you need to get fixed.

Create a spreadsheet and list down everything – from that small drawer to the new bathroom – you need to be refurbished. Make columns and log in the costs of the material and labour required for each item. This will give you a rough estimate of the whole project. Also, add a 15% contingency to the total amount. You’d be surprised at how much just light switches and bulbs can add up to!

With renovation being an expensive project itself, you will probably want to look for inexpensive services and cheap storage units.

Planning a budget and sticking to it will not only keep the whole process much more organised, but it will also save you from lots of extra stress.


  1. Focus on Design


Do your research! And take your time while doing it. There is so much to cover and consider before delving into practice.

Lay out your expectations and spend time on comprehensive plans. Focus on each detail, no matter how minimal. For example, how much sunlight you want in the bedroom, how much storage space you require, what type of flooring you want, etc. Also, make lists about the specifications, such as designs, patterns, and materials. Consider the long-term maintenance, safety, and efficiency of each material you use. After all, it’s not every day that you can renovate your house.

You also need to figure out where you can find cheap storage units and the most convenient storage services to keep your belongings out of the way during renovation.


  1. Work your way down

You spend months working on your ideal ground floor only to find it being ruined when the workers begin on the first-floor renovation. What’s worse than that? This is why it is essential to start your work from upstairs and then move downstairs. Renovation work, such as drilling and cutting, creates a lot of dust and it will make your house very messy. This is even more important if you’re living there while the renovation takes place!

This tip could also make your storage process a lot easier. Go floor by floor so you will only have to store items of one floor at a time and you can use the same cheap storage units, keeping it economical.


  1. Hire professionals

You might be tempted to take the DIY route and handle everything on your own but believe us, hiring professionals will change your game!

Hire qualified architects, planners, project managers, and builders. They are experts in their fields and can offer you great insights; therefore, consult them every step of the way! This might just save you from skipping an important step, changing something midway, and having to re-do it all again.

It’s always best to get the work done by a pro – it will save you lots of time and money in the long-run. And what’s better than giving your property an overhaul with minimal stress?


  1. Store away belonging

Not sure where to move that giant fridge during the kitchen renovation? Don’t want to ruin that new carpet you just bought? Having your stuff lying around can cause huge obstructions in work. This is why builders work faster in an empty property. Consequently, many people move out for the time-being. If you want to temporarily store your belongings in a safe place, then get on the lookout for some storage units.

Self-storage units are a good option. Depending on what you want to store – a dressing table or books – you can browse through hundreds of storage units and find the most suitable, cheap storage unit for yourself. You can also go for storage units that offer transportation services along with safe and cheap storage options. Simply convey your requirements, choose the storage unit size, and leave the rest to them!

So, what are you waiting for? Make your renovation process easier and hassle-free by looking for the perfect storage unit facilities near your property.

Property renovation in London can be nothing short of a challenge. But now that you know our top 5 tips, implement them to ensure a smooth process and a highly rewarding end-result!

Keep in mind all our steps – appropriate budgeting, careful designing, moving downwards, hiring and consulting experts, and storing non-essentials in cheap storage units. Each one is equally important in bringing order to your renovation project!


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