Tips for Picking an Overseas Removalist

When picking an overseas removalist, there are some key things that you should consider during your selection process. These considerations could mean the difference between choosing a shipping company that reliably transports your belongings from one country to another and being stuck with removalists who charge too much for services that fail to meet expectations.

This is why we are going to offer you these handy tips for picking an overseas removalist. Follow these tips, and you shouldn’t have any problems in selecting an overseas shipping company that is best suited for you.

Tip 1: Ensure they are International Shippers

While it may sound obvious, you want to make sure your overseas shippers of choice are indeed overseas shippers. This means you want to find removalists who will offer the full suite of packing and shipping services to transport your belongings to their new destination. This should include everything from the initial consultation prior to moving day, up to partnering with reputable shipping companies who will unpack and deliver your belongings once they have arrived.

Tip 2: Look at their online reviews

One of the best ways to determine the quality of an overseas removalist is to research what their past customers have said about their services. Take some time to look at their online reviews and testimonials across Google and their social media accounts to gauge how satisfied those customers were. If you come across a company that is surrounded by positive review, you can assume they are a safe bet. If you only find negative reviews about another company, probably best to avoid them.

Tip 3: Only choose accredited Overseas Removalists

There are a variety of internationally recognised and Australian-based accreditations that you should look for when picking an overseas removalist. Research into whether or not they are accredited with FAIM (FIDI accredited international mover) or IAM (International Associations of Movers). If they are also a part of the Australian Movers Association, then you know you are picking a shipping company that has earned the respect of the industry within this country.

Tip 4: Companies that conduct pre-moving consultations

A pre-moving consultation and inspection survey is one of the most important steps of the moving process. It allows the removalists to take stock of exactly what they have to pack and ship so they can appropriately plan and prepare for moving day. You should never choose a company that only sends its team out for the first time when your belongings are being packed.

Tip 5: Their quote appears too cheap

Be wary of overseas shipping companies that provide quotes that seem too good to be true. Often these companies won’t provide essential services such as port handling, or will charge you extra if the job ends up exceeding the low amount, they have quoted you for. Feel free to compare quotes from multiple different removalists to gauge the industry average so you can make an informed decision about the right company for your budget.

Tip 6: Pick an experienced international removalist

The more experience an international removalist has, the better. This is because time in the industry equals well-refined processes, established partnerships, and a consistent level of quality that has sustained that company across decades. This isn’t to say that you can’t trust newer overseas shipping companies, but in this industry, you can always bank on experience.

Pick Your Overseas Removalist

Now that you have these tips, you should be better positioned to make an informed decision on the right international shipping company for you and your needs. By picking the right one, you will enjoy a stress-free transition over to your new home.

Ellen Hollington

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