Tips for Non-Native English Speaking Students

English language may seem easy to read and write, but international students encounter numerous challenges in mastering the language. Academic writing becomes an uphill task for non-native English students, which is a daily struggle. The language barrier issue at a foreign university demoralizes the student, resulting in poor grades. Non-native English speakers put in double efforts to express their ideas in academic papers. Many struggle with syntax errors, improper grammar, and sentence structures, giving the professors a hard time evaluating their essays. But as Take My Quiz specialists state, fortunately, anyone can learn and master the English language and become a prolific writer over time. 

This article aims to help non-native English students with insightful tips to develop a good command of English. Read on to gain a deeper understanding of the helpful resources.

Extensive Reading

If you are not a good English speaker, reading widely is one of the effective solutions. You have to read any publication that comes your way, such as newspapers, magazines, blogs, books, online articles, and any written document. Reading is a simple and fast strategy for learning new languages. 

Below are some practical benefits of reading:

  • Vocabulary Expansion

Reading books allows you to expand your vocabulary immensely. You will learn many new words and understand how to place them in particular sentences. Thus, students can read material that aligns with their subject discipline. For example, medical students may read medical journals and health research papers, while literature students can read English books with bolder words. 

  • Contextual Learning

Who carries a bulky dictionary today? It is weird and cumbersome; thus, you can apply contextual learning when reading. It entails putting words into meaning and memorizing them as you apply them in various contexts.

  • Writing Styles

Extensive reading widens your perspective on various writing styles. Even though academic writing is more formal and technical, you can learn other creative styles to apply in other classes. 

Regular Practice 

Reading without practice is futile because you will forget the basic concepts of the English language. As a non-native speaker, regular practice is one way of becoming a better writer. Write what you read every day and express yourself through personal blogs or a journal. You can use all the new vocabularies you learn every day and write them down in a different context.

If you have friends who are native speakers, allow them to criticize your writing and offer feedback. Moreover, copy the unknown words from books and write them down with their meanings. It allows you to understand each word’s functionality in different sentences.

Engage Paper Writing Services 

College life is quite hectic since students have to write numerous academic papers for various subject disciplines. If you understand English and vocabulary usage, crafting excellent research papers is easy. But if you are grappling with basic concepts, it can be challenging to compose technical academic papers. 

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You won’t need to struggle anymore with grammatical errors and irrelevant research topics. With assistance from expert authors, you will have adequate time to improve your English skills.

Use Online Grammar Checkers 

You may be a bright student with all the relevant ideas and arguments for your research paper. But the major problem is expressing the ideas with proper grammar and error-free sentences. Most non-native English speakers are unsure of their writing abilities and may fail their academic papers as a result. 

Today, the online space offers numerous solutions in the form of grammar checker tools to help students improve their writing. It corrects texts and provides alternative solutions while eliminating common typos and syntax errors. Some of the popular grammar checkers recommended by include Ginger Software, Grammarly, Scribendi, among others. These checkers highlight mistakes and offer relevant suggestions to improve clarity, engagement, and delivery. Therefore, feel free to use a grammar checker tool online and enhance your academic paper. Over time, you will become an expert author. Check out for more relevant read

Be Open-Minded

It is essential to master both the British and American English variants for comprehension purposes. Make sure you understand different English terms and how they function in various contexts. Knowing the subtle disparities allows you to focus on one English variant in an essay. Sometimes, the tutor might ask you to write a British English paper, and you end up mixing the American words in the document. For instance, a getaway in America is called a vacation, while the British people refer to it as a holiday. Though it may not raise an issue, it is imperative to know the differences.  

Fall in Love with Learning 

Above all tips, you must be willing to learn English if you want to become a better speaker and writer. Put in the sacrifice and effort to learn through your friends and tutors while on campus. With time, you will start speaking and writing with good command. Who knows, you might even pick the English accent during the learning process.

Ultimately, becoming an English expert as a non-native speaker takes time and effort to learn the ropes. Follow the above tips, and over time, you will improve your written and verbal skills. It won’t be long before you earn impressive grades on all your research papers.