Tips for Moving Overseas for a New Company

One of the biggest challenges you can face is moving overseas for a new position, especially if it’s to a city you’ve never visited. While this can be a really exciting adventure, it can also feel overwhelming, especially when you’re changing where you live and where you work. Sometimes the biggest challenges end up being the best decisions we’ve ever made, but this is a decision you shouldn’t take lightly. If you’ve already decided this is the next step for you, keep reading to learn more about my tips for moving overseas for a new company. I hope it will help make your move easier and less stressful. 

Ask for Help With the Move

When you’re negotiating your pay and benefits, why not try to get some assistance with the move? If they know you’re based elsewhere and really want you there with them, chances are they’ll be able to pull a few strings to help you. Whether it’s covering some of the expense of movers las vegas costs, or even just helping you with an apartment while you arrive and look for somewhere to live longer term. There are so many different ways your new employer can help you, but you won’t know unless you ask and negotiate it as part of your move.

Make it Clear You’re Moving
If you don’t feel comfortable negotiating some of the moving costs and hassles into your contract, at the very least you should make it clear to your new employers that you’re new to the area. Ask if they have any upcoming social events that you can attend to meet people from your company. This can be a great way to make some new friends, so that you can start your social life off too! If you’re looking for ffe furniture it can also be helpful to ask if your employer has any recommendations for great stores for your new home’s furnishings. 
Get on Social Media
Websites like Facebook can be a great resource for finding out about events and meetups in your new city. You can join pages like “Expats in…” to find out what’s on. You can also ask in these groups for suggestions for good schools, gyms, workout places and so on. They can be such a helpful resource when you’re moving to a completely new city. I suggest getting on joining well in advance so you can start to figure out what neighborhoods might suit you best.

Give it at Least a Year
Moving overseas can be a real emotional rollercoaster. In the beginning you’re so busy exploring and enjoying the new city that you often get caught up in the excitement that you don’t notice how hard it is to be in a new city. Around 6 months is often when people start to feel homesick and regret their decision. For that reason I suggest waiting at least a year before making any decisions because once you’ve gotten over that hump you might find yourself very happy to be in your new city. Knowing this ahead of time can make it a lot easier if you do start to struggle, knowing that it will likely pass and is oftentimes just part of the process. Check out this great seo agency toronto for all your SEO needs.

Moving overs for a new company is a real adventure and I hope these tips help you feel more prepared and more confident. The more you prepare before you go, the easier the move will be.