4 Tips for Louis Vuitton Authentication

People from all over the world enjoy luxurious brands like Louis Vuitton, but it is not a secret that these stores are not available in every country and only a few get lucky. It is interesting which countries are in the top 5 with the most Louis Vuitton stores and what became the main reason for such statistics.

The US – It might not surprise many that the US is in first place with 129 LV stores as the country is home to one of the most expensive brands. From Oscar de la Renta to Georgio Armani, American customers spend an average of $3,217 per shopping trip.

France – It is kind of ironic that the home of Louis Vuitton comes after several countries with 18 stores but shopping in French Louis Vuitton stores might be the best idea for you, as you might save a lot more than you would in any other country. For example, when the retail price for an LV Twinset handbag is $1555.20 in the US, it is $1064.45 in France, resulting in savings of $490.85. Just be prepared for waiting in the lines of people, as many enjoy shopping at Louis Vuitton in France.

China – Louis Vuitton is super popular in China with 43 stores. What is the reason behind the brand’s popularity in the country? There is a high demand from the middle class in the country as it is believed that the luxurious bags show their status very well.

Japan – Japan is home to 55 Louis Vuitton stores and the brand’s success can be explained by its quality and strategy which makes it more appropriate to Japanese culture. It also has to be said that the largest Louis Vuitton store is planned to open in Japan.

Italy – Italy is in the top countries with 19 Louis Vuitton stores. As much as Italian fashion is loved among the French, Italians also like exquisite French designs, which LV happens to portray very well.

Easy Authentication Tips For Louis Vuitton

Check Stamping on a Bag

The embossed Louis Vuitton stamp can be found inside the handbag and it is crucial for the counterfeiters to get this detail to spot on unless they want everyone to know that the bag is fake. The label has to be flawlessly symmetrical with neat and tight stitching so it successfully passes the test of time.

We advise you to compare the label on your bag to the one on the official website. Even if you spot the slightest difference even in the letters, then you should take it as a big red flag.

Pay Attention to Bag Hardware

Getting Louis Vuitton hardware right is a big challenge, that is why counterfeit brands almost always fail.

The main issue is the zipper, which is not just a pretty detail but has a crucial role; the way the slider moves on the zipper teeth can tell a lot about the authenticity of your bag. If the zipper elements are crooked and not aligned, then the puller will have a hard time moving smoothly which will result in less satisfied use of the model. Remember, a handbag is not just an accessory but it has a function that needs to be successfully met, especially when it comes to a brand as luxurious as Louis Vuitton. Apart from it, the fake model can be spotted by the color and quality of the metal, which will change its shade as time passes.

Look at Date Code

Louis Vuitton has date codes on their products which can become a very important tool for spotting a counterfeit item. The letters of the date code indicate in which country the bag was produced. For example, if the label of your bag says Made in Italy, but the initials of the date code are of a different country, then we hate to break this for you, but the bag is counterfeit.

Apart from it, the way the letters and numbers are written on the label matter too. If the symbols are differently shaped from the authentic pictures then it also should be considered as a red flag too.

What are Louis Vuitton Materials?

Louis Vuitton uses the highest quality materials such as leather, coated canvas, and exotic skins. The brand has a very special color palette that can be used as a tool for authentication. Compare your handbag to the official pictures on the Louis Vuitton website and search for the differences. If there is even the slightest difference in the shades, then consider this as a sign of the handbag’s fakeness.

Clearly, some of the general rules can be used for an independent authentication process, but sometimes the situation is more complicated and that’s when the professionals are needed. LegitGrails team can get any bag authentication done in the shortest amount of time, all you need to do is reach out and use the services. For even faster results you can use the 30 minute turn-around time option and the authenticity certificate will be in your hands. Even if you decide to resell the item in the future, the certificate will help you in proving the authenticity of the handbag. Even if you decide to still do the authentication on your own, we recommend you to check out their legit check guides for the specific model that you need, and all there’s left to do is follow the instructions.