Tips For Keeping Your Home And Office Environment Clean

Keeping your home and office environment clean all the time can be a tough job. We all are aware of how untidiness and messiness can have a negative impact all around us, and not only does it not affect our productivity but can have implications on our health as well. Additionally, it gives a bad impression of your hygiene standard in front of clients who might come up at your work or guests who show up at your home. Moreover, your work and your home are the two places where you spend most of your time, so cleaning regularly them and by placing sanitary bins Brisbane directly relates to the improvement of your health and hygiene.

It is understandable while managing on your own and getting distracted by during work errands, parenthood and keeping sanity amidst all this chaos around us can be a tough ask and sometimes you might have to prioritize something over others, but this does not have to be. For some people, the problem is they are not sure where to start and how to keep your home and workplace clean. Here are a few quick fixes which might help get your home and work in order:

1.    Put things right away after using them

This might seem obvious, but the idea is that once you have used something, you need to put it to its designated place. Failing to do so might haunt you later, as not only it leads to untidiness and creating unnecessary mess but also you run a risk of misplacing it as well. These little things you can make a drastic change in your life. Imagine that when you go home you don’t have to take out some extra time to put each and everything in its place or get your home in order. This trick can even be applied in the case of used dishes. You can save time and get yourself free from hassle if you just rinse and wash the dishes right away after you have used them. It is good to remember that these small piles would turn into big messes if you delay them

2.    Keep a schedule

Doing things with the flow is not the way to go. Be it professional, personal or your social life you should plan things and keep a schedule for everything. The problem arises when you favor one thing over another, and this happens due to a lack of planning. The same goes for cleaning as well. Most people lose the plot when they wait for things to become unbearable, that is their house or office space turns into a complete mess before they start a cleaning schedule. The trick is that you should put up a small effort each day and not let things slide by. You need to create a list where you put down all the things that you need to get done and sort it on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Put this list on someplace which is easily visible be it your office desk, your fridge or your wall and make sure that you stick to it, and watch how your life turns into a perfect place

3.    Get rid of the useless thing

For most people, their work desk is the place where they feel most comfortable at and it is also the place where you do the bulk of your workload. It is completely understandable that while you are doing your work, things might be a bit disorganize and there would be some clutter, but the idea is that you should keep this clutter to a minimum. Make use of bin regularly and discard any waste or paper which you don’t use anymore. The idea is to keep your workplace organized and clean. Unfortunately, some people are also in the habit of storing their trash in their desks because the bin is either too far away or they feel inconvenient to make use of it frequently. This habit should strictly be avoided, and bins should be well kept within the reach and everyone should be encouraged to use them regularly. This will keep the clutter at a minimum and keep your stuff clean and organized.

4.    Organizing the cables

One thing that is extremely common within most of the homes or office spaces is disorganized cables that are spread around all over the desk or workstation. Most people who are stakeholders in this are either not aware of the complexities and problems that might arise because of this or they simply don’t care. In either case, it can be dangerous as the disorganized cable is not only hazardous to the environment around but also, they can create safety issues if left unchecked. Additionally, managing and cleaning them can be tough as well and chances are their lifespan would be reduced as well, if they are left tangled.

5.    Stockpile on the cleaning products

Cleaning supplies are essential. If you are looking to successfully accomplish a task, then you require all the correct knowledge and tools for that. And for cleaning that comes for cleaning products. You need to stockpile on those if you are planning on scrubbing your home or your workplace germ-free. The main products that you should shop out for are anti-bacterial spray, a mop, a broom, a pan, a vacuum cleaner, some anti-bacterial wipes, and tissues. These products are the basics that you need to have and additionally you can save out some money if you buy them in bulk.

6.    Don’t eat on your desk

Most of us at one point or another have indulged in the habit of eating at our work desk. This practice even though is super convenient when you are piled up with a huge amount of work, but the flip side to it is that it can create a mess. No one wants an untidy and messy work desk with breadcrumbs and liquid all over it. Moreover, there can be stains that are hard to clean as well as, accumulation of bacteria if the mess is not cleaned up right away. To avoid all this, you should always eat at a designated eating place and avoid bringing food to your workstation. Moreover, you can also do good from a short break in which you relax and take a breather


Maintaining a clean-living and working environment is beneficial for us all. Not only it increases our productivity but also have multiple health and hygiene benefits for us and those around us. Additionally, doing this within a reasonable budget is far easier than it seems. All you need to do is follow the tips above and save your time and money.