Tips for improving your Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography is the only field which can be really easy, and at the same time be extremely hard. And it is so because the wedding photography includes every kind of photo designs. For example, wedding photography includes portrait photography, landscape and travel photography, exposure shots, action shots and more.

With that, it can become really difficult for an amateur photographer to capture their first few weddings flawlessly. Therefore, without further ado, let’s begin:

Tips for improving your Wedding Photography

Creating a List of Personalized Photo Shots

This can be considered as one of the most crucial points in this list. Nowadays, the bride and the groom hire wedding photographers based on how perfectly they capture their special day for various photo designs.

The couple wants to see the beauty of the venue, what dress they wore, how gorgeous it looked, the candid shots, the smiles, and laughter in everyone’s faces, the love between the couple reflected in the photos and their designs.

You can start with bride & groom makeup, some key items in the venue, family portraits, the wedding ceremony, and some other stuff. However, make sure you capture the pictures of the bride & groom’s immediate close friends and family before anything else.

Go for Teamwork whenever you can

A wedding is the biggest event in the bride & groom’s life. The same goes for the photographer who is covering it. So, it can become extremely difficult for just one photographer to take care of every ongoing at a wedding.

Working as a team can work in your favor. Especially you can gain a considerable amount of experience working with someone who has covered these weddings way longer than you. Other than that, you can have the shots distributed within the team and each one can focus on something without getting overwhelmed. Plus, this way you wouldn’t miss any moment at the wedding.

Familiarize yourself with the Wedding

Knowing how to photograph or cover a wedding is no doubt essential. However, it is also essential to know what type of wedding you are going to capture. For example, weddings in India have a huge amount of rituals and designs involved, so it is really important that you know about them.

This way you won’t be missing out on any important rituals and design that the bride and groom undergo. For this to be perfect, you should acquire the reception schedule so that you can plan your shots as per the info.

Prepare your Camera for the Perfect Exposure of the Bride’s Dress

This point is especially for brides’ who are going for a traditional Christian wedding in a white dress. Photographers mostly ignore the fact that not every exposure goes well with the color white. Therefore, it becomes really important that you get yours right.

This is especially evident in certain lighting conditions when it comes to the white color. It is so because the correct exposure helps you capture the correct tone of the dress without sacrificing any of the minor details.

Being Ever-ready with your Camera

Wedding Photographers have no time to wind down because a shot can be right around the corner. You might already have the shots you want to make ready, but, awesome photos often come out of those shots which are taken in the heat of the moment.

Therefore, always be aware of your surroundings because you never know when a candid moment might arrive. For example, the genuine continuous laughter of the groom in the middle of the vows, the uncle dancing like he has been possessed and more such instances.

Keep your distance as much as possible

As a photographer, it’s your job to take as many beautiful photographs as possible. However, that doesn’t mean that you absolutely have to direct the photograph by instructing the people in it. So, keep your distance and let them have some fun. Because a natural photo is much better than a directed one.