Tips for HR Payroll Management Services

Reliable, scalable, and comprehensive solutions that reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Managing human resources globally presents challenges that require expertise in human resources management and specialized processes. Payroll management services legislation is a very complex area. Because rules and policies change so often, self-settlement of accounts with staff is often costly and ineffective. Our team of professionals offers a flexible way to manage your industry needs. 

Outsourcing management and accounting tasks can improve accuracy, efficiency, and safety. Due to the different rules and regulations in each jurisdiction, it can be difficult to manage these tasks internationally. Cooperation with us allows you to use the world’s leading experience in the field of finance and personnel management. Our experienced technicians work closely with our customers to simplify processes and increase efficiency through the use of tailor-made and tailored solutions. 

In Singapore, our payroll management services are tailored to the needs of companies looking for consistent and reliable solutions that are scalable and flexible. We understand that there are many requests from modern personnel, and, above all, the understanding that they will receive their wages on time and accurately. Using the latest technologies and platforms, we help to organize optimized and automated processes of management and settlements with personnel.  

With us, you get the opportunity to organically interact with an international team of experts to achieve the results you need through a single contact center. 

Our services  

payroll management services

  • Calculation of wages and deductions associated with them, preparation of payment documents
  • HR administration and organization of effective workflow of HR documents
  • Calculation of insurance premiums, preparation and submission of relevant declarations to the Pension Fund and Social Insurance Fund
  • Preparation of employment contracts, development of mandatory internal company policies (Internal Regulations, etc.), consulting on labor issues
  • Verification of mandatory HR documentation for compliance with the legislation and internal procedures of the client
  • Recovery of HR documentation
  • HR Portal Connect

Our experienced professionals provide clients with management and settlement services nationally and internationally. We provide a comprehensive and up-to-date interpretation of labor laws so you can understand and care for your employees. 

With our international team of management and payroll specialists, we can serve clients anywhere in the world on our own, without outsourcing these services to another firm. We are constantly improving our management and accounting offerings by investing in the development of our people, processes, and training. This means you will receive consistent, quality service from a well-trained and motivated team. 

Build customized payroll processes for a large retailer from scratch

The heysara team has implemented a major accounting and payroll project for an international retail company. Thanks to our experience in payroll management services using cumulative time tracking, which is often used in retail companies in the Singapore Federation, and the refinement of standard software, we were able to automate the calculation process and help the client build effective control procedures. The client highly appreciated the level of services provided, as a result of which he has been extending the contract with heysara for the 5th year in a row.

The goal of the project was to organize accounting and payroll from scratch, train staff, and provide support to the client in conducting retail business in Singapore. They monitor company financial health and currently have many separate subdivisions (stores) throughout Singapore with many employees. 

Heysara specialists finalized the standard software for payroll and personnel management (1C), taking into account the needs of the client’s business, which ultimately made it possible to facilitate the work of both the client and our team, automate the payroll processes, and control procedures. The specificity of the project was the need to train the company’s personnel specialists to work in 1C ZUP software, as well as high staff turnover and a large number of separate divisions, which increased the volume of reporting and the number of inspections. 

Improving the Quality of Payroll Management Services

 Outsourcing organizations that deal with a single business process day in and day out will, by definition, perform better at their assigned tasks. These companies use advanced techniques, specialized software updated to the latest versions, and constantly hone professional skills. This allows the contractor to calculate the salary promptly, in full compliance with the law, and without errors. At the same time, the outsourcer is directly interested in the quality of the final result, since his profit and reputation depend on this. 

Independence from staff

 Also, the undoubted advantage of outsourcing services is the absence of risks associated with staff turnover, as well as the need to have interpersonal contact with the contractor. As you know, communication with subordinates is a rather serious psychological burden, especially if the employee is problematic. Moreover, when an employee leaves the organization, conflicts often arise that can result in sabotage on the part of a former colleague. In the case of the contractor, this situation is excluded.    

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