Tips for Cycling To Work By eBike

Biking to work is not a new concept; people do it all the time, with many averaging around 10 miles each way. Unfortunately, not everyone lives within 10 miles of their job, meaning cycling seems out of the realm of possibility, especially when you start to consider distances of 20 miles or more each way. However, finding the best electric bike for tall riders—or any rider for that matter—can make such seemingly impossible distances possible. If you feel like you are ready to give an e-bike commute a try, consider the following tips.


Using an electric bike for commute can make going to work more comfortable and affordable, but it is crucial to keep your bicycle safe. E-bikes are notoriously expensive, with even some cheaper models costing upwards of $1,000. The last thing you want to do is skimp on bicycle security and have your battery-powered investment stolen outside your office building. If possible, bring your bicycle into the building; some employers will allow this, especially if you have a private office. If you cannot get the bike inside, look for top-notch locks and bike chains.


With routine upkeep, standard bicycles and electric bikes can be dependable vehicles. However, an e-bike does require more specialized maintenance because of the electronic components. It is better to view an e-bike as a vehicle, like a motorcycle or a car. While an e-bike does not have these heavier machines’ capabilities, it shares many characteristics, especially with maintenance. An electric bicycle can be dependable, but you must care for it and fix any issues.


Typically, riders cycling to work will need to carry a few things for the office. The best way to carry luggage is with a backpack. If you need more storage or luggage space, you can consider saddlebags or racks for your bike. You can also purchase a front or rear basket for some models. The crucial thing to remember is that extra weight will affect the distance and length of charge, so try to pack light: a change of clothes, lunch, paperwork.


If you are going to start commuting to work on your e-bike, remember your safety gear: helmet, gloves, goggles, etc. Traveling to work down a busy downtown street is much different from riding the trails or neighborhood roads. In a big city, traffic is not as forgiving, and the level of risk increases. Wearing the appropriate gear can ensure you stay safe and healthy, able to make it to your job.

Emergency and First Aid

Regardless of the precautions or gear you wear, sometimes accidents happen — a popped tire, a collision or spill, etc. For these moments, you want to have a small first-aid kit in your pack or an emergency repair kit for your bike. Preparation ensures you can still make it to work on time.

Charging Options

If you live too far away or rely on a full battery to get you to your office, you still want to have enough juice to get you there and back home. Check to see if there is somewhere you can charge your bike either in the office or outside of it.

If you’re considering commuting to work on an e-bike, contact a local bike shop. Then can give you advice and tips for success.


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