Tips for Crafting a Bodyweight Exercise Plan You Can Stick To!

Exercise is a vital part of any healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re new to working out or it’s long been a part of your routine, bodyweight exercises can be a great way to get in a simple workout.

Many people even prefer a bodyweight exercise plan because they don’t need a gym, equipment, or too much space. Working out at home or wherever you can fit in your bodyweight workout can also help you save time and money.

However, if you’re like many people who try to start a new workout plan, you may not keep it up. But, part of building a healthy routine is creating a plan that works for you.

So, if you want to make your own exercise plan that you’ll actually stick to, keep reading!

Create a Healthy Relationship With Exercise

Working out and exercising should never be a punishment for how you look or don’t look. Exercise is something you do to give your body the activity it needs to stay functioning at its best.

For many people, exercising is second nature, but for others, it can seem like torture. If you’re not athletic, don’t be discouraged. Creating a bodyweight exercise plan is a great way to show yourself what your body is capable of!

Over time, you can work harder to meet specific goals, but if you’re starting, focus on creating a mild routine.

Let Go of the “All-or-Nothing” Mindset

For many people, their workouts don’t stick because they have an “all-or-nothing” mentality.

Do you food prep for a week and then get lazy? Do you create a comprehensive exercise plan and then never get to the gym? Do you buy the premium gym membership to convince yourself to go more often?

If any of these sounds like you, you might have an all-or-nothing mindset.

You can also tell if this is you because you tend to start your workouts strong and eat really well—for a few days. You might even last a few weeks. However, the all-or-nothing mentality is bad for people trying to build a routine because it puts too much pressure on you all at once.

Don’t restrict yourself from creating a routine that will actually work for you. Start small and work your way to more intense exercise or workout plans until your routine is established.

Set Reasonable Goals

Setting reasonable goals is probably one of the most difficult aspects of working out because everyone is different.

If you have a goal to lose weight or tone a specific part of your body, you may occasionally want to tailor your workouts to that particular area. But regardless of your muscles building or weight loss goals, they must be reasonable.

Set a SMART goal for yourself to work towards and when you reach it, set a new one! Keeping your goals reasonable using the SMART method will help you stay motivated and make them seem much less intimidating.

Set Aside Time

When trying to establish a new routine, you’ll want to set aside a specific time of day to do it. And don’t forget to take into account what typically works best for your lifestyle.

One of the benefits of a bodyweight exercise plan is that it doesn’t take too much time out of your day to do, no matter how busy you are.

Adapt to Your Body and Your Needs

Everyone is different when it comes to their exercise needs. From mobility restrictions to health conditions, we differ on countless factors.

For example, bodybuilders and athletes will have different needs than those exercising just for their health and wellness. Some professional bodybuilders require such intense training that they use post-cycle therapy to reduce their risk for serious medical complications. If you’re involved in building extreme muscle mass, talk to your doctor or learn more about post cycle therapy to see if it may benefit you.

However, for people just exercising to stay healthy, this means adjusting your workout routine for your body and lifestyle. If running is too painful for your joints, try a HIIT workout or at-home pilates. Listen to your body and implement exercises that you’ll feel comfortable doing.

You can also occasionally switch up your exercises to keep you from getting bored! If you feel your motivation fading, it may be time to try something new!

Keep Track of Your Progress

Keeping track of the progress you make while working out can help keep you motivated! Use a small notebook or the notes app on your phone to track your daily progress.

Record how many miles you walked or jogged, which Youtube video you followed along to, and even how it made you feel! Seeing what you’ve achieved day after day is important for tracking not only your physical progress but mental as well.

Even when you don’t feel like working out or sticking to your routine, you can look back on what you did, how you felt, and how far you’ve come to help encourage you!

Reward Your Success

As mentioned above, exercise isn’t a punishment. You can reward yourself for creating healthy habits! Of course, try to keep it a healthy reward, but don’t restrict yourself either.

You could buy new workout clothes or shoes or even schedule a massage or spa day as a reward. As long as the reward positively influences your healthy lifestyle, there are countless options for you to celebrate your achievements!

Create a Bodyweight Exercise Plan

Creating a bodyweight exercise plan is an easy way to get get your body moving and sweating. You can adjust your plan to meet your needs and exercise goals.

Have these tips for making an exercise plan helped you in your healthy lifestyle journey? If so, check out more of our health and lifestyle posts like these!