Tips for Clearing A Blocked Drain

Blocking drains is one of the most frequent plumbing issues that people in other parts of the world experience daily. It pays to be prepared to deal with a blockage because they can happen when you least expect them to. If blockages are not removed, water may leak from your drains and cause damage to your home or place of business. 

A clogged drain is one of the most frequent causes for calling a plumber from Roberts Trade Services. Blocked sinks are the source of various minor issues, including offensive odors and water that will not drain. However, if these problems are allowed to worsen, life can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Pipes can burst as a result of severe blockages, which can necessitate even more expensive repairs. 

6 Ways to Clear A Drain

1. Boiling water

Pouring a pot of boiling water down a blocked drain is a quick and straightforward solution. Frequently, this is sufficient to remove the obstruction without needing more extreme measures. This method uses only ceramic or metal pipes because heat can loosen Pvc joints. For PVC pipes, use warm tap water rather than boiling it. This method to remove grease or food buildup may be successful, but solid blocked drains of Liverpool are unlikely to be cleared.

2. Homemade Natural Cleaner

Baking Soda and white vinegar can be combined to make a homemade drain cleaner. After the bicarb, add the vinegar to the drain. Cover the drain to stop the mixture from bubbling out of the pipe. Bicarb and vinegar undergo a chemical reaction resulting in oxygen, which cleans the pipes by scouring them. You should repeat the procedure a few times to completely remove the blockage. After the mixture has successfully broken through the obstruction, flush your pipes with hot water to eliminate any leftover residue.

3. Plunger

Just like it can unclog a clogged toilet, a plunger can unclog blocked drains in Liverpool. Before you start plunging, cover any overflow spouts to ensure a solid seal. The plunger’s up-and-down pressure can help to break up any blockages, allowing your pipes to function normally once more. Plunging is most effective for clearing solid obstructions; however, it is less effective for clearing mineral and grease deposits.

4. Hydro Jet

Hydro jets use powerful and precise bursts of water to flush out particles and other materials from pipes. Even though we occasionally need to combine this method with other drain obstruction removal techniques, it is a reliable way to solve most issues.

5. Excavation 

Excavation is required when there is a serious drain blockage. Digging must be done around the drain to replace or repair some of the pipework. Although this method is not always required, it can prevent serious damage to the rest of your pipework.

6. Plumbers Drain Snake

Drain snakes for plumbers are sophisticated tools that experts should only use. They can clear obstructions located far inside the system by going deeper into your pipes. These tools are typically saved for stubborn clogs beyond the scope of standard solutions.


There are many causes of blocked drains in Fairfield. Try using some of the recommended home remedies if you hear gurgling sounds, your drains are draining slowly, or you smell something unpleasant. It is time to contact a plumber if they do not function.