Tips For Choosing Colocation Provider

Are you searching for a new co-location provider or data center provider for your business? It’s a big decision as you will be using a third-party facility for mission-critical infrastructure. This is why it is important for you to consider a number of important factors before making a final decision. The list below isn’t an exhaustive list of factors for all kinds of businesses but it’s something for you to get started. The criteria defined below should be used as the basis of your research for data center or co-location RFP.

1. Everything’s about Location

Not many people understand the importance of location when it comes to choosing a data center but it is vital. Keep in mind that you will need access to the location on a regular basis for servicing or upgrading the equipment. This is why the location should be easily accessible for people in the company. Take a look at If your equipment is down for an extended period of time, you could lose thousands of dollars. In addition to the location, you should also consider the probability of natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes, floods or hurricanes in the area. In most cases, these things are seriously considered by data center providers before building a facility. However, it is still something you should look at when you’re going to use that data center for mission-critical infrastructure. There is another thing you need to consider but we will discuss it in detail later. You also need to ensure that there are multiple power sources and multiple fiber paths.

2. It Should Be Scalable

The data center provider should not only be able to meet your present business needs but also for several years in the future. While most data center providers offer some kind of scalability but you need to read the fine print in order to understand it completely. There are providers that offer out-of-the-box solutions but those are not always going to meet your needs. On the other hand, you will also find providers with customized solutions that offer greater flexibility in addition to the standard offerings. Make sure you check availability of additional connectivity, power and space. Never choose a data center provider who is unable to scale up their offering with time as it is likely to hinder your business.

3. Reliable

There is no denying that the co-location or data center provider needs to be reliable. In this industry, it is simply measured in terms of uptime. It is recommended to choose a provider that offers at least 99.999% reliability or uptime.

4. Efficiency In Deployment

There are no statistics to look at when it comes to deployment efficiency. In simple terms, it may be defined as the time it takes for your vendor to get up and running. Like most businesses, you will want the space to be ready as efficiently and quickly as possible and this is, in essence, what deployment efficiency is. You need to make sure that your chosen vendor transparently communicates the deployment timelines.

5. Ecosystem

Co-location spaces offer a number of advantages but one of its biggest advantages is that you have the potential to connect with others in the shared data center. Interconnection offers excellent value for businesses and when you are sharing data center space, it offers you the potential to connect with your distributors, partners or competitors for peering. So, make sure you know about the available connectivity options before you choose a vendor. Find out whether the data center is carrier neutral and whether they already house several customers who are already interconnecting.

6. Financially Stable

It is often one of the most overlooked factors but you need to consider the financial stability of the co-location provider. You will have to invest a lot of time and money in the data center and you don’t want to spend it on a company that might close their doors in just a few years. It is recommended to choose a data center that is capable of supporting your business for a period of at least 5 years. Take a close look at their financial history, press releases and financial reporting to get a broad idea of the financial viability of the provider.

7. Lemming Effect

Find out whether there are many data centers or co-location spaces in the general vicinity of the location you are considering. If there are a number of co-location providers in the same geographical area, it generally means that the area is hospitable, has reliable utility services and excellent network connectivity which means they are a good choice for you.