Tips for Choosing an Urologist

Do you have a urinary tract issue but you are too shy to visit a doctor? Talking about Urology issues is considered taboo in a society that’s why if someone wants to go to a urologist they think million times. A urologist will solve your all problems related to the urinary tract and health. But how to find the best Urologist in Lahore for you? Here are some of the tips to begin with.

  1. Ask: If you are already seeing a general physician or any other doctor who recommended you to visit a urologist, ask them to refer anyone trusted. Ask your friends and family to guide you in this matter or someone you know has gone through a similar problem.
  2. Research Credentials: Ask for the degree of the doctor, which year, and from where? Do they have the required training and certificates to perform certain procedures or are they associated with an authentic hospital?
  3. Experience: Always see how experienced a person is. The greater the experience in a relative field, the better the treatment will be. Question how many people have he treated or how many procedures has he gone through. Choosing a bad doctor may result in further complications. Experience matters!
  4. Gender: Urology is a serious matter and people need to be comfortable while communicating the issues to a doctor. That’s why considering gender is important. Females are comfortable with a lady doctor and males with a male doctor. Obviously you need to openly discuss things that’s why choosing your comfort is important.
  5. Specialization: Urologists also specialize in different domains like male-specific issues and female-specific issues, so the patient needs to check what the specialties of a doctor are. Male issues like enlarged prostate in men and stress continence in women.  
  6. Reviews: People usually leave comments about a doctor on related websites. Before you choose a doctor see different reviews and if someone has bad reviews don’t judge early because not everyone has the same experience. Try to make sense out of the reviews and balance the options. If they have 30% bad reviews try to find some other doctor and if the ratio is less than 20, you’re good to go.
  7. Convenience: While choosing a health provider always see if the location, timings, and the place is suitable for you or not? Always put your easy and comfort first. Always see that if the doctor is within your quick access in times of emergency or urgency.
  8. Instincts: If you feel like there is something wrong with the attitude and behavior of the urologist. Feel free to choose someone else. Don’t be shy and afraid, it is the duty of a doctor to satisfy a patient through proper treatment and communication. If he isn’t listening to your problems what’s the point of going and wasting money?

There are many misconceptions in society related to Urologists. People prefer to go to some unqualified person for their health matters but are reluctant to go to proper help. Everyone can guide you according to their experience and thinking but will not be able to diagnose the proper reason for the disease. Your health is important so instead of going to someone like “Hakeems” go to a proper Urologist.