Tips for Choosing a Perfect Mattress

How do you feel when you wake up in the morning? Rested or tired? According to some recent surveys, about three fourth of the people said that they do not feel rested after a night of sleep, while half of the people woke up in the middle of the night due to body pain, mattress woes, work pressure or partner disturbances. All these problems suggest the importance of the right mattress as deep sleep is very essential for overall health.

Most of the people do not know how to buy a correct mattress for themselves. Here are a few important factors that will help you in choosing the right mattress:

Material Used:

The material of the mattress is the most crucial factor while choosing a one. There was a time when mattresses with spring coils were very popular among people. However, they have lost their name as they were incapable of distributing body weight evenly. Modern mattresses are made from memory foam to provide orthopaedic support. They distribute the body weight evenly and relieve the pressure points. They are also capable of regulating body temperature and even have hypoallergenic properties. Hybrid Mattress is a combination of two. A king-size hybrid mattress provides relief from strain along with a typical feel of a spring mattress.

Firmness and Comfort

The level of firmness depends on your sleeping position, your weight, and height. Since the back of the side sleepers is already relieved off the pressure, a soft or medium-soft mattress is best for them. People who suffer from back pain or sleep on their stomach or back should go for a firm mattress as it provides the right support.

Motion Isolation

One of the major reasons for sleep disruption is when your partner changes sleep position continuously or get in and out of bed. If this is one of the central reasons for your inadequate sleep. Choose the mattress that is capable of minimizing motion transfer. This will greatly help in reducing partner disturbance.


Depending on the body temperature and personal preference of hot and cold, some people like to sleep hot while others love to sleep cold. A mattress can influence your sleep temperature as they can trap body heat. Always choose a mattress that increases airflow and circulates air in such a way that you stay cool and fresh through the night.

Spine Alignment

Maintaining a proper spine alignment is very important at night for spine health. Sleeping in poor spine alignment can result in muscle strain, daytime fatigue, neck pain and discomfort in pressure points. A moderately firm or firm mattress is best for your spine health.


Costly mattress is not synonymous with high quality. Also do not go for a very cheap one as in that case you will end up compromising durability, comfort, and sleep quality. Keep your options open and explore wisely. Buy a mattress that will last longer and fits in your budget.


A superior quality mattress lasts for ten years at least. It also covers all the manufacturing defects. Do not settle for anything that is not long-lasting, as it will be a total waste of money.

Return policy

The only way to check whether a mattress is right for you in terms of support and comfort is to try it. Therefore look for those mattresses that offer a trial period of at least 30 days.


Keep all the above-mentioned tips in mind to buy a perfect mattress for yourself. Getting proper sleep is very important for overall health and only a perfect mattress can help you in getting deep and soothing sleep.