Tips for choosing a bathroom cabinet

The bathroom furniture helps you to store and sort the utensils we use in the bathroom, the best advice for choosing the bathroom cabinet is that meets two important aspects: firstly functionality, ie they do not take up much space inside of the bathroom to have the widest possible and have everything tidy/accessible. On the other hand, it matches the color of the bathroom tiles, this point of view is more aesthetic, but it is also important to have an elegant bathroom.

According to the great decorators and interior designers, the tendency of the bathroom is to unify concepts, that is to say, to find a balance between the bathroom cabinet, the shower tray, and being able to be the bathroom screen, that is the bathroom trend of the future. A bathroom where harmony and homogeneity are the protagonists.

The bathroom furniture has evolved a lot over time, at first they did not exist, well with the pedestal sink, the one of Roca’s life, it was incorporating a small work wardrobe in the event that it could for the space issue and in the event that this option could not be given, the option of incorporating an auxiliary cabinet where all the accessories used in the bathroom were kept was chosen. Subsequently, small cabinets with a mirror were also incorporated into the market, thereby achieving a double result, on the one hand, a wardrobe and on the other hand a mirror.

These bathroom furniture type mirror-wardrobe are a good solution to a problem of space in the bathroom, although finally what has been most successful in the bathroom has been the all-in-one bathroom cabinet, which incorporates the sink and the closet at the same time. This bathroom furniture has been widely accepted in the market, as they solve space problems and manage to convey a point of modernism in the bathroom.

It is, surely, one of the fundamental aspects that must be taken into account when you are deciding what type of furniture you need in your bathroom. It is useless for you to be infatuated with one or the other model if later you do not have material space in your bathroom to install it, don’t you think? In addition, it is advisable to choose a model that allows you to make the most of the space.

Start by measuring the space you have available, taking into account the width, depth, and height of the possible piece of furniture that you are going to install. And another thing: take care that the opening of the closet doors or drawers does not collide with other elements of the bathroom such as the bidet or the toilet.

You must also carefully measure the available background. The most common measurement is 45 cm deep, enough to have good storage space. And as for the height, only if you choose a suspended cabinet will you have to decide at what height you want to put it. In that case, try to ensure that the height at which you are going to put the furniture is comfortable for everyone who is going to use the bathroom.

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