Tips for Car Drivers to Avoid Truck Related Accidents

As a resident of Texas, you should know that Texas leads the USA in fatal truck accidents. And as a car driver, it can be your greatest fear of becoming part of one of a fatal car accident. Amongst the common causes of road accidents involving trucks, you will find the following reasons:

Improper Truck Maintenance

The top reason for a truck accident is negligence in fleet maintenance, including brakes, tires, and engines. Most truck accidents occur due to brake failure and tire blowouts.

Poor Loading

Truckers are always advised to thoroughly assess their truck or trailer before starting their engine. Improper loading can cause fatal accidents, with the cargo falling off the trailer – resulting in a serious accident.

Poorly Trained Drivers

Most truck accidents occur due to novice truckers who have just started navigating trucks on the roads. A lack of trucking experience can cause serious problems. Only after a certain number of years down the road do truckers feel comfy in their skin while taking the bigger vehicle on the road.

Fatigue & Distraction

Another cause of truck-related accidents is driver fatigue. A trucker needs to be well-rested before starting their shift. However, truckers have to work extensive hours, which can cause fatigue. Like any car driver, truckers can get distracted by their phones, eating behind the wheel, and other distractions.

It is essential to mention that truck accidents can cause serious damage to the involved cars and lead to major injuries – even death. 

If you ever find yourself involved in a trucking accident, you will want to get in touch with the best Texas trucking accident law firm and claim due compensation for property damage and medical bills. 

Rest assured – the professional attorney will leave no stone unturned to give you the justice that you deserve – including due compensation for your injuries and property damage.

Let us talk about some essential ways you can prevent truck-related accidents while driving on Texas roads.

  1. Maintain Sufficient Space

Always keep sufficient space between your car and the truck – more space than you would keep between a passenger car.

A truck can delimit your visibility if it is in front of you – it is hard to determine whether the traffic has slowed down or hazardous travel conditions lie ahead of you. By maintaining sufficient space between your vehicle and the truck – you will give yourself enough time to react if you need to swerve or make a sudden stop.

You will also want to maintain sufficient space when taking over a truck. The truck will be much heavier than your car, which means that it requires more distance to stop. As a car driver, you will want to avoid the mistake of swiftly cutting in front of a truck.

Suppose you don’t have plenty of space. You will want to stay in your lane. It is not worth taking the risk even if you are running late.

  1. Avoid the Blind Spot

You will want to avoid getting into the truck’s blind spot at all costs. An easy way to determine whether or not you are in the truck’s blind spot is by trying to check the driver in the mirror – if you cannot do that – they cannot see you either.

Also, if you have to pass the truck – you will want to pass it on the driver’s side.

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