Tips For Buying The Best Wine Decanter

Wine is a popular drink; apart from its spectacular taste, good quality wine also has certain health benefits. To enjoy the flavour of wine, you have to store them aptly. If you have a party or gathering in your house and plan to serve wine, then choosing the best wine decanter is paramount. But before you go ahead and invest in it, do not get distracted by the looks, instead, look at the technical aspects of the decanter and make an informed decision. Its shape, size, and opening, everything has a role to play in maintaining the taste and flavour of the wine. In this blog, we will be highlighting some of the key tips that will help you get the best wine decanter.

Tips That Will Help You Buy The Best Wine Decanter

  1. The right shape- The first aspect that should be in your checklist is the shape of the decanter. A wide-neck decanter is the best. Since it exposes the wine to aeration, it will boost the flavour of the wine. Besides, cleaning a wide-neck decanter is easier when compared to the narrow one. Make sure when you clean the decanter, allow it to dry completely before pouring wine into it.
  2. Thin neck- The thin neck of the decanter exposes lesser air to the wine, but it aids sedimentation. Thin neck decanters are good for expensive and old wines, and they come with a special cleaning brush which makes cleaning the decanter an easy and quick process.
  3. Broad middle area– When you are buying a decanter, pay special attention to the middle portion. Decanters that have wider middle segment allows better aeration. Old wines that have been stored in the bottle for years will take time to aerate. The decanters with a narrow neck will take longer to aerate the wine, which eventually helps enhance the flavour. Decanters with a wider middle part will take about an hour to aerate the wine completely and enhance its aroma and taste. You can swirl the decanter to speed up the process.
  4. The size of the decanter- Now that you know about the shape of the decanter and how it impacts the flavour of wine, the next important factor that you need to take into account is the size of the decanter. This one depends on your requirements and purpose of use. If you are having a big gathering, then choosing a large decanter would be good while for a small get-together, a smaller-sized decanter will be the right choice.
  5. Material- If you start exploring the different wine decanter options, then you have the glass wine decanter and crystal ones. Due to their better presentation and durability, crystal decanters are the best but these will be expensive. If you are looking for the best wine decanter in a budgeted range, then glass ones are a good choice. You will find so many options out there. Glass decanters look appealing, and they are not too expensive. You can easily clean it, hence, they are easier to maintain as compared to their crystal counterpart
  6. Stopper- When you are buying a decanter, make sure that you choose the one that comes with a stopper. A stopper seals the bottle, thereby ensuring that the wine in the decanter lasts for as long as 3-5 days. Wine stoppers are available in different colour and styles; you can choose the one that fits the decanter well and seals it aptly.

Concluding Thoughts

This discussion on tips to find the best wine decanter will be helpful for you. Wine decanters are a great way to store wines and serve them. Make sure that you choose the best one.