Tips for Better Car Interior Cleaning

People try to do so much to protect the exterior of their car and keep it looking its best. They’ll look for ceramic coating in Adelaide, and paint protection film in Sydney, as well as a vinyl wrap in Melbourne, all to keep the car’s paint looking like the vehicle has just rolled off the showroom floor. In all, they may invest thousands of dollars in a winning car exterior, but what about the interior?

The car’s interior sometimes gets neglected, with people thinking that as long as the outside looks good, then the inside doesn’t matter. For those who have finally realised that cleaning the car’s interior matters as much as cleaning the exterior, we have prepared the following useful cleaning and detailing tips:

Tip 1: Get a Vacuum Cleaner with More Horsepower

When cleaning the interior of your car, you might think that upholstery shampoos and leather conditioners are the most important products, but they’re not. They have their uses, of course, but what you really need for good interior cleaning is a powerful vacuum cleaner. When it comes to choosing a vacuum, be willing to sacrifice dust-box space in favour of more horsepower if you can. More horsepower will see the vacuum lift more dirt from harder to reach places.

A good rating is 4-5 horsepower for auto detailing vacuum. Many make the mistake of opting for vacuums with bigger dust containers, but those vacuums invariably sacrifice horsepower to offer more dust storage. It’s best not to compromise on the horsepower rating.

Tip 2: Use Detailing Brushes on the Vents

You may think detailers look strange armed with what appear to be paintbrushes, but they use these in fact to get into the car’s vents for dust removal. These brushes are the perfect size and shape to clean out vents, and can also reach other places in the car that you otherwise might not.

If you don’t fancy using brushes, you could try something more contemporary like the “goo” or “slime” products made from adhesive malleable gel. It can be inserted into any irregular-shaped surface and then pulled out again, bringing all manner of dust and dirt with it. If your car has a lot of unique nooks, crannies, and awkward corners, then such an item is a perfect one for your home detailing kit.

Tip 3: Promote Good Trash-Removal Habits

The simple step of pushing oneself to remove at least 2 pieces of trash from the car every time they leave is a good way to ensure that trash doesn’t build up in any part of the vehicle. You can do that yourself and/or ask it of any passengers you have in the car with you, especially if they’re family members who are likely bringing the excess trash in.

Tip 4: Use Washable Floor Mats

Floor mats made from rubber or similar material are ideal to put on the floor of your car (front and rear). They will protect the carpets and give you a much easier time when it comes to interior cleaning. These mats are removable and can be simply hosed off or cleaned using a power washer. They’re especially useful if you live in rural areas where mud can be a common thing brought into your car by people’s shoes.

Tip 5: Take Other Preventative Measures

Besides front and rear floor mats, you should also look into removable seat covers, as well as mats and coverings that will protect the area that your dog or other pet sits in. The main idea here is that these protective items can simply be removed and either hosed down or machine washed. So, for better interior cleaning, think ahead as to how you can protect the original upholstery and carpeting.

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