Tips for Better Back Health

Whether it’s strained muscles, spinal stenosis, or a herniated disc, it can take some time to establish and address the causes of back pain. Back pain is definitely not easy to deal with. Your situation might be complicated even further by the stresses of everyday life, work, and navigating the tough space of health insurance.

Core exercises can come in handy in strengthening your back muscles and abs.

Below are 5 tips that can help you get rid of back pain fast and safely.

  1. Allow your back to rest during the night.

While sleeping, the various parts of your spinal cord that have been working all day long finally get the chance to relax and rest. To ensure this process happens effectively, you need a high-quality mattress and pillows that let your back rest properly all through the night.

Some things to remember when sleeping are:

Sleep on a medium-firm or firm mattress. You can benefit immensely from sleeping on a firm mattress that is able to support your back, as opposed to a soft or worn-out mattress that gives you poor support. When shopping for a new mattress, look for one that will give you the best support during sleep. There are many high-quality options to choose from.

Keep your back aligned naturally. If you sleep on your back, try placing a pillow under your knees to maintain a more natural sleeping position. If you sleep on your side, try placing a pillow between your knees in order to keep your hips properly aligned.

  1. Some individuals may also find a neck pillow useful as it supports the lower spinal cord.

You can try sleeping with different types of pillows to find out which suit you best.

  1. Exercise your core to strengthen your back muscles and muscles.

Your core muscles – situated in your abdomen and lower back – need to be supple and strong if they are to support your lower back and spine.

However, most people have weak core muscles due to lack of exercise and inactivity. These muscles need to be strengthened using various exercises. Speak with your doctor, fitness consultant or any other health practitioner to find out which exercises may be best for you. Also check out the various core exercises listed on this website to get a better picture of what  you need to do.

  1. Your shoes are also crucial to having a strong back.

The shoes you choose to wear while walking or exercising play a significant role in the health of your spine. Proper shoes give you a strong foundation for your body and back. You should always make sure that the shoes you wear properly fit your feet and are not too tight. A proper fit prevents supination or pronation. A proper fit also prevents your feet from rolling inside or outside your shoes.

  1. Regular Massage Can Boost Back Health

Getting a back massage every once in a while can offer numerous health benefits like increased relaxation, loosening connective tissues and tight muscles, increased blood flow and many other therapeutic health benefits. A back massage does not have to be vigorous to be effective. Studies show that a soothing massage offers more benefits than a vigorous or soft massage.

While having a massage chair cannot be equated to going to see a professional massage therapist, it does offer an easy and convenient way to enjoy a massage.

  1. Limit Desk Time and Maintain Good Posture and Ergonomic Habits

The discs in your lower back are stressed more when you are seated. For this reason, you should avoid sitting behind a desk for long hours as this can lead to back pain and other spine disorders. Relax the Back know that sometimes sitting for prolonged periods is unavoidable, you need to find the best supportive furniture for you.

On top of this, when sitting behind a desk, most people tend to lean forward. This stresses their back even more. It is highly advisable to get a proper desk and chair for office work.