Tips for a Comfortable Business Trip

What do you prioritize when going on a business trip? Maybe the ideal place to stay is one with a gorgeous view, a heated pool or a full-service gym, availability of a king mattress in your room, or maybe it’s a place that serves a free breakfast in the morning (with a complimentary dose of caffeine), so you don’t have to worry about eating when getting your day started. Whatever your pursuits might be, booking the right hotel could mean the difference between a stressful business trip where nothing gets done, and a successful escape from the drone of life, rich with opportunity. Here are a few insightful tips on what to look for when booking your stay at a hotel during a business trip!

Location, Location, Location

Regardless of if you need to rent a car or use a taxi to get where you’re going for your business ventures on a trip, the location of your hotel is an important factor when deciding what one to pick. Mapping out where you’ll need to go each day and finding the closest hotels to the venue might save you time and money, be it yours or your company’s. If your hotel is within walking distance or even in the same building as the venue for your project, even better! If location from the conference venue doesn’t matter to you, it might be practical to consider a hotel near the airport you flew in from, maybe making your arrival and departure all the more stress-free.

Comfort and Class, Focus Comes With Safety

The risk of feeling unsafe in an unfamiliar setting is amplified if you’re dressed well, as is often the case with businesspeople looking to impress bosses or colleagues. Worrying about your safety within the confines of the building you are coming and going from can exasperate your stress levels, perhaps even cutting your productivity. Furthermore, a hotel you feel unsafe in or around likely doesn’t have very nice accommodations. Picking a hotel you feel safe in is paramount, especially if the atmosphere is warm and inviting, clean and comfortable. Factors like this can make or break an entire trip.

Discounts and Perks, They Might Be Available Through the Hotel Itself

Hotels regularly see business people coming and going just as often as your regular overnight traveler, but making sure to let them know why you’re there can open up a world of opportunity for potential discounts or perks. Even if your company doesn’t have some kind of mutually beneficial deal going with the hotel you stay at, many provide special accommodations and benefits to businesspeople staying with them during their visits. It’s important then to communicate with hotel staff when booking and checking in, just to make sure you have the best experience possible.

Eating and Sleeping, Never Neglect Fueling Yourself

A lot of hotels provide complimentary breakfasts or brunches, most also tend to have restaurants within the walls of their buildings, sometimes even offering discounts at those restaurants to hotel stayers. Choosing a hotel with decent room service, restaurant options, or complimentary food perks can make the concern of fueling your body into less of a chore. Feeding yourself is just as important as making sure you get a good night’s rest and choosing a hotel that has a comfortable bed on which to sleep can make sure one has the energy needed to tackle the day.

Some Final Thoughts and Closing Arguments

Traveling for business doesn’t have to be stressful, running down the street while tying your tie, a stale bagel hanging from your mouth. Well-planned trips, even for business, can almost feel like a vacation in and of themselves. Everyone wants the best possible outcome for their business ventures, and a major factor in ensuring you’re at your very best is choosing the right place to stay when you aren’t at the conference venue.

With these tips in mind, success can be one properly booked hotel away to the career path of your future.