Tips – Buying A New Winter Jacket, Casual And Babywearing Jacket

What should you look out for when buying a winter jacket? Do you choose a practical or a trendy jacket, or both? To make it easier for you to choose, we’ll give you tips in this article.

During winter, the days get shorter and autumn is just around the corner. It’s time for long trousers, sweaters and jackets again. And in cold, wet country, a good winter jacket should always be available.
A good winter jacket is often the toughest clothing choice you have to make. Do you go for trendy and warm, which makes you look like a small, fluffy bead? Or opt for a fashionable jacket that will keep you cold when it freezes. For buy changing robe visit site https://frostfire.co.uk/moonwrap there are several variations assortment long sleeve, short, for kids and adults)

Practical tips for buying a winter jacket

What should you look out for when buying a winter jacket? Let’s start with a series of practical tips.

  1. Wind and waterproof

First of all, your winter jacket should be wind and waterproof. So choose for a water-repellent fabric, such as polyester or nylon. For the warmth you should check whether there is wool in the lining of the jacket. A minimum of 60% – 80% wool is the warmest. For example, if only 40% has been used, there is a good chance you will get cold.

  1. Choose a good finish

In addition, the finish of your winter jacket should be good. A good closure ensures that they get wonderfully warm through the winter. For example, choose a double-breasted closure, instead of a single-breasted closure. A single-breasted closure lets more wind through. However, the winter jacket should be able to breathe so that you don’t sweat in your warm jacket.

  1. Length of the jacket

Another point, also note the length of the jacket. Make sure your jacket offers protection for your pants or skirt.

Tips for women

The most important advice we can give women: look at your figure and adapt your jacket to your body. Are you small than to receive a jacket with Gird to accentuate your waist? Also make sure the jacket stays above the knee. So they seem bigger.

If you have curves, a turn-up jacket with a flowing fabric is the best choice for you. To cover up a possible stomach, it is better to choose an A-line jacket or a straight model. Smaller breasts can be emphasized with details such as pockets and wide collars, while larger breasts can be veiled with a slightly tailored jacket with a deep V-neck.
Would you like to wear your winter jacket for more than one season and should it go with several outfits? Then it is better to choose a neutral color. White, black, gray and dark blue are the colors that come back every year. In addition, there are colors that go with every outfit. 

Tips for men

  1. A neutral color is of course also very practical for men. Choose a color that is both sporty and elegant for work and nightlife.
  2. Not only women but also men need to pay attention to their figure. Men between 20 and 40 years old without a belly should choose a fitted winter jacket. Also a strong Jack cannot be missing in your wardrobe. You can wear them over a three-piece suit or with a sporty outfit.
  3. Do you have to attend business meetings regularly or do you need to be properly dressed? Then a parka should not be missing in your wardrobe. The parka is stylish, wind and waterproof, warm and has a comfortable hood for rainy and cold days. 

Some final tips for you on buying a winter jacket

Choose a winter jacket that suits your lifestyle. For an elegant night out you need a different winter jacket than for romping around in the snow with the children.
Don’t haggle over a winter jacketOften times you will use a winter jacket for several years. So get the best quality you can afford.
Lastly, use the thick sweater trick when trying on a winter jacket. If the jacket fits you comfortably over the thick sweater, it is big enough.

This is how you should choose your babywearing jacket

Would you like a really warm babywearing jacket or a warm baby winter coat for the winter? You should choose from these babywearing jackets and babywearing coats:

Mamalila winter jacket 

Mamalila winter jacket

Are you looking for the best babywearing jacket that is warm and waterproof? Do you really want to enjoy the fresh air with your baby whatever the weather?

Choose the Mamalila winter jacket:

  • Breathable, wind and waterproof (with over 20,000 mm water column and taped seams)
  • Warm, perfect for winter 
  • Suitable for carrying babies on the stomach and back. Can also be worn as a changeover jacket
  • Unisex. Your husband can also wear the Mamalila winter jacket
  • Skin and environmentally friendly materials, SympaTex ® membrane and FC-free coating

Mamalila quilted jacket – winter version 

Mamalila quilted jacket - winter version

Choose this babywearing jacket if you are looking for a chic and sporty babywearing jacket for the winter. 

  • Water repellent and windproof. 
  • Suitable for carrying babies on the stomach and back. Can also be worn as a maternity jacket
  • Warm, perfect for winter 
  • Anti-allergic, vegan polyester padding makes the jacket super light and yet cozy and warm.

Mamalila Softshell winter babywearing jacket

Mamalila Softshell winter babywearing jacket

Are you looking for a sporty, waterproof and warm softshell babywearing jacket? This model is the right choice for you. 

  • Warm lined softshell babywearing jacket – perfect for winter 
  • Waterproof, windproof, breathable. Water column: 10,000 mm 
  • Perfect for outdoor activities with the baby 
  • Suitable for carrying babies on the stomach and back. Can also be worn as a maternity jacket
  • Size XS- XL. The Mamalila winter softshell babywearing jacket is normal. 

Wombat Wallaby babywearing jacket

Wombat Wallaby babywearing jacket

Very popular babywearing jacket. No wonder, the Wombat Wallaby babywearing jacket is fashionable and warm. 

  • Water repellent and windproof. 
  • Suitable for carrying babies on the stomach and back. Can also be worn as a changeover jacket
  • With a shawl collar that is removable. This nice collar warms your neck and the baby’s head is kept warm. 
  • The Wombat Wallaby babywearing jacket has a normal cut.
  • Beautiful and fashionable fabric combinations
  • Size XS- XXL 

Parelou year-round jacket e- versatile carrying jacket, also perfect for tandem baby carrying. Up to size 3 XL 

Parelou year-round jacket e- versatile carrying jacket, also perfect for tandem baby carrying. Up to size 3 XL

High-quality, versatile wearable babywearing jacket

  • Quality bib jacket made of softshell
  • Warm in winter & wearable in the transitional period
  • With removable winter lining 
  • Waterproof, windproof, breathable
  • Wearable when carrying tanden babies, perfect for twins 
  • Sizes: XXS -3 XL 
  • Made in the EU 

Liliputi Mamacoat softshell carrying jacket

Liliputi Mamacoat softshell carrying jacket

Would you like an extra warm carrying coat that is also chic? In this case the Liliputi Mamacoat Softshell Carrying Coat is the perfect choice for you. 

  • Super warm carrying jacket.
  • Made of high quality softshell material, lining made of high quality fleece
  • Waterproof, windproof, breathable
  • The cut is elongated so it warms your hips and legs. Even the biggest chilblains will not be mistaken in the coat.
  • Can be worn on the front and back and as a maternity jacket. You can also buy a suitable pregnancy insert. 
  • The coat is small. 
  • Colors: Can be ordered in many color combinations. You are sure to find your favorite model. 

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