Tips to Buy Salon & Spa Equipment Furniture

There are two reasons why customers like to visit some chosen salons. The first is their better service and the second is because they are better furnished with modern pieces of equipment and furniture. If you are planning to set up a salon or re-furnishing your existing one, you can use the following tips while buying new furniture and equipment to get more customers and retain your existing ones better:


  • Opt for durable quality furniture: The first thing you should be sure about while buying your salon furniture, especially the chairs, is their durability and build quality. Salon chairs have a different utility than the reception sofas and are used a lot, and therefore, they have to be robust and long-lasting.


  • Space and equipment compatibility factor: If you scroll through the view products section of the salon equipment catalog, you will find that they are available in various sizes. However, you should choose one which is compatible with your space. It is better to pre-measure the area you want to set your equipment in, and then pick your furniture accordingly.


  • Assembly process and maintenance/repairing: It’s better to go for more sophisticated equipment but not at the cost of operability. Some pieces of furniture come with various functions and features, but while they have a complex assembly, it may also cost you extra to have them repaired. 


  • Delivery and costs: While most of the salon furniture wholesale dealers take care of delivery, in some cases, you may need to arrange transportation by yourself or at least pay for it. It is common to disregard the transportation factor, but it involves certain risks for sure. Your transportation cost will depend upon the distance that your furniture will travel to reach its destination. Therefore, it’s not wise to buy from a dealer who is located very far away.


  • Warranty & returns: Warranty and returns are common factors that matter in every investment you make in equipment and furniture. While buying salon furniture wholesale, you must insist on the product with a dependable warranty and returns policy. Most of the furniture brands at least give a twelve-month warranty, and they also have an excellent service network. In case your furniture doesn’t look or function as per your expectations, you should have the option to return it and get all your money back.


  • Buying tip: Nowadays, everything is available on the e-commerce sites and at lesser prices than the manual stores. Therefore, it’s better to choose and check a product in the stores and then look for it on the e-commerce sites. Now you can compare where you are getting a better deal and take your decision accordingly.


Gone are the days when people only cared about the services, as modern customers are very particular about the salon chairs, lights, and even mirrors. Make sure you choose the best for your customers, and you, too, are sure to get the maximum profits.