Tips and tricks to sell a home fast

How do I sell a housed? If there is not enough knowledge and experience in the field of buying and selling houses you need to contact a professional realtor. Real estate agency “First Realtor Company” offers services for the sale of houses in a short time.

The realtor will tell you the subtleties of a quick house for sale of a house in Ukraine and raising the price of a building. But. Despite his help. There are things you need to pay attention to on your own

What to look for when selling a house?

In this article we will tell you the main details that the seller of his home in a village or city needs to know. These practical tips have been collected by experienced realtors who have conducted more than a dozen of such transactions.

Technical condition of the building

  • Appearance. Real estate appraisal begins with the interior and exterior decoration of the building. This is the first thing a potential buyer sees. Before selling your home, do some minor redecoration to improve the first impression and make the object more attractive. This can add value to the building.
  • Carrying system. After assessing the appearance, the supporting system of the house is checked: the foundation and walls that make up the frame of the building. Cracks and distortions are unacceptable in these structures. Ta prevent the situation when the buyer “k0DCks down the price™ – it is necessary to eliminate such mdlfunctiD0S.
  • Roof and ceilings. The buyer assesses the condition of the roof and ceilings no less carefully, because problems with them will be immediately visible by the characteristic smudges after rain.
  • Technical documentation for the house and adjacent land
  • A professional realtor knows how to sell a house in a village and the list of required documents. The fact is that the documents are confirmation of the ownership of the house the legality of the construction on the land and the size of the plot. Registration of any transaction begins with the verification of securities, on the basis of which the corresponding measurements are carried out.
  • It is necessary to collect documents about those. Condition of the building. The pricing of real estate in the village primarily depends on the year of construction. The conclusion on the technical condition of the property must contain the following data
  • year of construction of the house;
  • presence of defects;
  • The likelihood of future exploitation.

Important! There should be no arrears in payment for real estate. Consider this factor in the process of drawing up the deed of purchase and sale. In the presence of large debts, the buyer can cancel the transaction or demand a commensurate reduction in value.

Assessment of the market value of real estate

After checking the documentation for compliance with the necessary standards bringing the house into proper form carrying out cosmetic repairs and eliminating all defects in the supporting system of the house, it is time for an expert assessment of the value of real estate.

To determine the cost, they compare similar offers on the market, as well as the possibility of buying a land plot and building a new house

The cost of a house win a plot is also affected by:

  • The material from which the house is built.
  • The condition of the housing, the need for additional repairs.
  • Purpose of plots.
  • Area (in acres), relief and geometry of the adjacent area.
  • The presence of supplied communications: water, electricity, gas.
  • Direct access to the reservoir.
  • Infrastructure near the house for sale.

If all of the above points win among the rest of the proposals on the market. You can safely raise the price of the house. But, remember that deliberate understatement or overstatement of the price is always accompanied by suspicion on the part of the buyer. The cost of the plot with the house must be justified.

How to sell a house profitably?

Despite the fact that the main stages of the transaction are carried out by an experienced realtor, personal communication with a potential buyer will take place sooner or later therefore all the necessary information must be presented in a favorable light. In order not to scare off the client, it is necessary to prepare in advance – to scroll in the head the advantages of a house in the village.

For example: when selling a summer house – focus on privacy from the bustle of the city, the presence of a gazebo or the ability to build it. Bath lovers will appreciate the presence of a steam room on the site, and gardeners – a site for a garden or vegetable garden.

The conclusion of a profitable deal directly depends on compliance with all the recommendations described above. A competent specialist will help you with the right advice to accelerate the sale and raise the value. Contacting a real estate company allows you to save a lot of time and effort.