Tips About Which Guitar is Best for you: Acoustic or Electric Guitar

As an advanced or beginner guitar player, a common question is, what guitar best suits you acoustic or electric guitar? The answer can dictate your future success and ability. 

Every player can find a guitar that is the perfect fit. However, several factors come into play as you make your selection. As you brainstorm on what best works for you, the few tips below may be of great help. 

Your preferred sound will be your guide.

More often than not, the genre you desire to play is the pointer to the kind of sound – and guitar – you seek. Each music style has a unique sound. For example, jazz, rock and classical music all have various, individual sound requirements, which dictate the type of instrument used. 

Rock and jazz guitar players are driven towards a more electric noise and feel. If you listen to musicians like Jimi Hendrix and Mark Tremonti, the electric sound is quite apparent. Even bluesy sounding guitarists sometimes use these electric guitars to enhance their music.

Folk and classical guitar players tend to lean towards more acoustic sounds, which resonates with their choice of instrument for the genre. If this is what you are looking for, then an acoustic guitar might be a better investment. 

Your Budget matters.

The amount of money you plan to invest in your guitar determines the kind of instrument available to you. Entry-level acoustic guitars have a low price point – these guitars are great for beginners. Even still, advanced players find a use for these entry guitars.

With a more significant financial input, specialised acoustic guitars, semi-acoustic guitars and a wide array of electric guitars are at your disposal.

Moreover, additional gear is bound to incur extra costs. Some of the most common add-ons include:

  • Pedals and effect pads
  • Amplifiers
  • Jack to jack cables and amplifier cables. 

Each of these add-ons has varying costs depending on the type and quality. Be sure to research extensively on the different types of add-ons and what purpose they serve. This will guide your investment and ensure you get what you need.

It’s always advised to purchase your guitar add-ons from the same provider as your guitar so that you can make sure of consistent quality. In addition, the compatibility of the machines is assured when purchasing from the same vendor. 

How playable is the guitar you desire?

Another thing to consider is the ease of playing the guitar. Different guitars have different playing capabilities based on the type of guitar and the strings. 

Acoustic guitars generally have thicker strings and may be a handful when learning to play. On the other hand, electric guitars have thinner strings making them easier to play. 

Nylon strings are very light, which is excellent for players who need to manoeuvre easily over complex passages in their practice. The more advanced you are as a player, the easier it is to decide on the guitar that works best for your playing style. You may even reach a level where you own a guitar for each style you play.

Consult your vendor on what best works for you, especially if you are a beginner. Proper guidance will ensure you make an informed choice on your purchase.

It’s paramount to ensure you consider these principles when choosing the type of guitar you’d like to play. Consider what works best for you. For every guitarist, there is a perfect guitar. In the end, you want the right guitar for your musical exploits.