Timeless Fashion Accessories for Women

                            “Elegant and Sophisticated”

 In the times when everything seems in flux, fashion is probably the flagbearer of change. New trends, new styles, and new lines dropping-in every year. If you’re a fashionista who likes to stay current, then you would understand that it is undeniably tough (and sometimes impossible) to stay updated with the changing fashion trends. So what’s the solution?

 Timeless fashion

Timeless fashion is comprised of those pieces of a wardrobe that never go out of style. It can be anything from simple rugged dark blue jeans to quality women shoes. If you are someone who is looking to upgrade their wardrobe or go for a complete closet overhaul, then the tips in this article will prove to be helpful.

 Wardrobe Must-Haves

Some items in a woman’s wardrobe should be classics. These would be items that you can always turn to and flaunt without any worries. No matter how you dress up or what your personal style is, you would definitely find something in the following list which resonates with you. These pieces, in one way or another, would complement your style and amp up your elegance factor. Some of the timeless fashion must-haves are-

  1. Handbag- A handbag is a staple accessory. It is perhaps the most essential carry-on that you could own. When looking for the absolute best, you cannot go wrong with Italian leather handbags. Full-bodied and with a lot of storage room, these handbags would last you longer than any other. When bought from trusted online sellers, you would get top quality products that are handcrafted for you. The natural complexion of leather would also go with several outfits and colors.

    2. Clutch- An evening clutch is a must-have and is a very important statement piece. You can buy a clutch depending on your own sense of personal style, ranging from neutral and pastel colors to bright and shiny ones. Each has its own way of reflecting your style but is your best friend at those parties you glam up for.

    3. Solitaire- They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Just like the phrase has survived all these decades, so has the value and prestige that solitaires hold. Elegant and sophisticated, a solitaire ring would go with any occasion and any dress without fail.

    4. Trench Coat/Camel Coat- Even for the past couple of centuries, trench coats have been and remained in fashion. There are several reasons for this. A trench coat is functional, extremely practical, classy, and goes well with everything, can be worn by people of all body types, and on all occasions. This is an accessory that would go great with a pair of jeans or even a dress. It is almost impossible to go wrong with a camel coat. Now, of course, the easiest and simplest option would be to go with a neutral color if your budget is limited. A light-colored trench coat would lay the foundation for you to shop further and add more occasion-specific outfits to your collection.

    5. Leather Shoes- A pair of quality women’s shoes is quite enough on its own to set you apart from the crowd. The classy essence of a pair of leather Italian designer shoes would be unmatched by any other. You can very easily buy Italian shoes online and add any quality accessories to your wardrobe. Whether you want to dress up for that date night or have to attend that mandatory office party, Italian designer shoes are up for every occasion. The leather finish would match most outfits and be super comfortable as well. Italian designer shoes bought from genuine online sellers are typically made from leather, thus would not hurt your feet at all. The best part is that you can shop for them from the comfort of your own home and simply buy Italian shoes online.

    6. Scarf- A scarf to go with that long trench coat, would be an exquisite look when you step out. You can go for something like a classy check design or a cashmere scarf that is a bold choice itself. A scarf can be used quite effectively to layer your outfit and give it some new and funky edges. On a casual evening out, be sure to include this in your attire as a neutral color would go with simply everything.

    7. Watch- What better than a platinum Rolex to make a statement. When you’re out shopping for a watch for yourself, remember one thing; a watch does not simply tell the time, it tells your time. It is a reflection of who you are and where you are in life.

    8. Bracelet- Bracelets are an accessory that would never hog the attention away from your most important part of the outfit. Rather they play a complementary role and can uplift any dress that they’re paired with. For example, a light pink solid band bracelet would be a perfect piece of jewelry, combining femininity and elegance.

    9. Aviators- Well, is there anything that is a better combination than aviators and a leather jacket? Aviators have come and stayed and they are surely never going out of trend. Other frame shapes like the oversized, or the cat eye, may come and go but the aviators are timeless.

 Take Away

No matter what you’re looking to buy, be it a rad jacket, or quality women shoes, basing your wardrobe on these timeless pieces would do you a world of good. And don’t worry about heading out, you can find all your styles online. If you want to buy Italian shoes online from reputed online sellers, they are just a click away. Start shopping today!