Time Is Money to Poshmark Sellers

Poshmark has given people who love social media and clothing the perfect venue to sell. As a combined e-commerce and social media platform, Poshmark brings together buyers and sellers with a common interest in clothing, accessories, and household items. To the seller, the biggest investment in Poshmark is time.

Time is money in any business. But when it comes to Poshmark, how a seller utilizes their time will directly impact the financial success of their efforts. As you read the rest of this post, keep in mind a fundamental truth about business: you have to spend money to make money. You also have to spend time.

Filling a Closet Takes Time

Selling on Poshmark as a hobby doesn’t involve much. Whenever you have something in your literal closet you no longer want, you put it in your Poshmark closet and hope someone wants to buy it. But if you are looking to make good money on the platform, you actually have to go out and get inventory.

The most successful Poshmark sellers know that filling a closet takes time. You have to go shopping. You have to research what your customers want. And every time you sell something, you need to have another item to replace it.

Sharing Your Closet Takes Time

Filling your closet isn’t enough. If you want to succeed, you also have to share your closet thousands of times per day. That also takes a ton of time. Poshy VA, a company that provides Poshmark virtual assistant services, says that the biggest sellers can spend their entire days just sharing if their closets are big enough.

This is where the idea of spending money comes in. You can spend all of your time sharing and have little time for anything else, or you can spend a little bit to hire a Poshmark virtual assistant and get some time back. If the VA option doesn’t sound doable, you can also invest in a Poshmark bot, which is essentially an app for automated sharing.

Packing and Shipping Takes Time

Finally, Poshmark sellers have to put time into packing and shipping. The more frequently a seller sells, the more frequently they box up items and send them off. Shipping can become quite time-consuming as a seller’s business grows.

Now, imagine trying to split your time between filling your closet, sharing it, and shipping everything you sell. With an active closet that turns over hundreds of items per month, you have a full-time operation on your hands. Now you have to ask yourself what constitutes the best use of your time.

Automate the Sharing

There is no way around the fact that you have to spend time filling and maintaining your closet. Clothes don’t just magically appear. So while there may be more efficient ways to obtain inventory, you won’t be able to eliminate the time investment completely. The same is true for shipping.

The only avenue you can really streamline to get some of your time back is sharing. You can spend all your time sharing and not earn enough money to make the work worth your while. Or you can spend on a Poshmark virtual assistant or sharing bot and get back the time you would otherwise spend in front of the computer.

Time is money to Poshmark sellers. The more time spent sharing, the less money a seller makes for every hour of effort. On the other hand, spending some money to save a lot of time can ultimately mean higher profits and better margins. Isn’t that what truly matters at the end of the day?


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.