Timber Kitchen Designs

Timber kitchen designs are an attractive addition to contemporary homes. Whether they feature oak, recycled wooden or even timber-look laminated laminates, timber kitchen layouts are both highly functional and durable. Furthermore, in terms of price, modern timber kitchen styles tend to fall into the affordable to moderately-expensive range. In these terms, when compared with similarly styled designs based on other materials, contemporary timber kitchen designs fall into the category of ‘frugal’ design.

A lot of attention is given to the wood finishes used for timber kitchen designs. This is because a great number of people use marble in kitchen designs. However, while marble can add a certain feel of elegance to a space, it is also very expensive. For this reason, when choosing a colour scheme for your kitchen, it is often better to stick to natural tones such as mahogany or oak.

When using natural materials, you get to enjoy many benefits. First, natural materials are easy to maintain. For instance, using oak wood in your kitchen design means that there won’t be any need for sealing. If you prefer to have your doors sealed, you could just opt for real wood doors or have your doors tinted – a more expensive option, but one that provides more value for money than other solutions.

Using oak wood in your timber kitchen design offers similar benefits. You would probably benefit from a distressed look (inlaid lines) on your cabinets. Alternatively, you could use oak flooring and furniture. Oak is a bit more expensive than timber kitchen benches (particularly when you are looking at handmade pieces), but it adds an air of luxury and style. The dark, honey hue of honey oak will give your room a unique feel.

White offers a fresh clean feel to a room. It is lighter than some of the other colours you can use for timber kitchen benchtops, so it can fit with some very traditional and timeless styles. As white is also neutral, it pairs well with other finishes. One example is a black and white kitchen. This combines the classical aspects of black and white with the modern warmth of white. With this combination, any homeowner will be able to create a truly stylish kitchen ideas.

If you are concerned that wooden kitchen cabinets will show signs of aging, you don’t need to worry. In fact, with some carefully placed finishes and care, your wooden kitchen cabinets will look fantastic well into their sixties. As well as ensuring that they look great, however, you’ll find that using timbers in your timber kitchen benchtops and wooden kitchen cabinets will add extra value to your home. If you decide to sell it at some point, having made these timber kitchen designs items, you can ask for a higher price.

If you’d prefer to go with something more natural, there are some excellent alternatives when choosing timber cabinetry. Limestone and porcelain are very popular flooring options for people who prefer a more natural look. However, with a little TLC, you can find that you can achieve the same effect without spending the extra money. An example of this is interlocking timber cabinets, which means that you can choose how many pieces you want in the end, reducing the amount of wasted wood.

Timber has long been used for garden furniture. This is because of its beauty and versatility, as well as its great strength. When you combine those two factors, you have a very attractive option for creating kitchen designs. Having created the base of the structure, you can then build up the walls and add additional storage, depending on your needs. Whether you want to create a traditional or contemporary look, you’ll find that timbers is an excellent choice.