Timber furniture: A robust home essential

Timber, the wood used in building, is now widely used to make furniture. Timber is simply the wood of a tree. The seating seems rich and highly enticing when they are of timber wood. It gives a feeling of nature embraced at home. It has been traditionally used to make furniture and, still, are not out of fashion. It is because wood is considerably everlasting. Especially, the Australian made timber furniture come in different strengths and have unique designs.

There is a variety of timber wood involved in furniture making. Each type has got its advantages and aesthetic essence. Some of the commonly used types are,


It is the most regular and durable type of timber. It is used in making pretty outdoor furniture. It is because it is highly resistant to various factors like temperature. It is a wood type for all climates types. Furniture made of teak wood is strong and has been for a lifetime!

2.White cedarwood

Unlike teakwood, white cedarwood is softwood. It is not expensive and primely used to make dining chairs. Though they are soft, they have a high load capacity. White cedarwood furniture adds beauty to the seating.


Satinwood furniture will surely take back one to the vintage period. Among all the wood types, satinwood is purely aesthetic. Despite this, they come at affordable prices. Satinwood furniture has a shiny and glossy finish. They are highly durable and require some maintenance at regular intervals.

4.Sal wood

It is frequently involved in furniture making due to its durability and elegance. Sal wood furniture is usually lightly shaded and goes well with all wall types. They are resistant to moisture and damp conditions. Sal wood furniture does not require any polishing for its glossy look.

There are various reasons why people look forward to buying timber furniture.

A symbol of durability

The prime reason for people’s preference turning to timber furniture is because they are highly durable and last almost for decades. There is no need to replace any piece of timber furniture considering wear. Wood is a robust material and makes the furniture stand out among modern furniture in terms of longevity. Opting for timber furniture is entirely worth the value!

Appealing look

Timber furniture gives an organic feel to the entire room. Living in modern cities has left people far behind from nature’s essence. In such situations, timber furniture can be the right choice. 


The Australian made timber furniture leaves an aesthetic essence to the seating. Adding timber to seating has the power to renovate a new look. It tends to offer charm and elegance to the seating. It can give a flawless natural look without much maintenance.

Low maintenance

Since wood is resistant to air, heat, water and termite, it is easy to clean. A simple wiping with wet and dry cloths can bring back the lost gloss. Due to this capability, outdoor furniture making involves timber.

Offers natural insulation

Timber can create a barrier between heat and cold and acts as an excellent insulator. It goes along with all types of climate and temperature. It can keep one warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

 Eco-friendly and recyclable

Timber furniture is used for the cause of making a sustainable environment for the future. Unlike plastic, timber releases no harm to nature. It is a renewable resource, and exploiting is not a concern. Wood is natural and safe to handle material. They do not contribute any form of pollution and are recyclable for many cycles!

To sum up, timber furniture is all one would need to duplicate nature’s essence at home.