How To Look After Your Timber Floors

Proper care of timber or hardwood floors is essential if you want them to last a lifetime. The right care requires plenty of attention and regular maintenance. Wooden flooring is a popular choice due to its timeless aesthetic, versatility, and durability. However, the durability of the hardwood floor depends on how well you look after it. TBT Carpentry has installed timber flooring Ringwood, to Doncaster, The Yarra Valley, and other locations across Melbourne. They’ve seen how everyday wear and tear and deterioration can be prolonged with the right TLC.

Get to know your timber floor: 

It is essential to tailor your care to the specific materials used in your floors. Each type of timber possesses its own unique qualities, therefore each needs to be looked after accordingly. Beyond the type of timber used, the type of finish you have on your floor is also very important.Different chemicals used in varnishes and stains will be able to withstand different cleaning products and equipment. Before starting any maintenance or cleaning work on your floors, make sure you’ve done your research and can choose the safest, least damaging products to use on your floor. The last thing you want is to be damaging your floor more whilst trying to look after it.

Make it a habit:

If you want your timber floor to look fresher for longer, make a little bit of regular maintenance a habit. This way cleaning your floors won’t be a huge job either, a little bit of work more often will make the whole project easier. Instead of regularly sweeping your floors with a broom, opt for a microfiber cloth to avoid your scratches. You can also look for soft bristled brooms that will be far more gentle on the finish of your floors. 



Vacuuming your wooden flooring once a week is a great way to remove extra dirt and grime that can ruin your flooring finish. However, vacuuming, if not done with care, can scratch your floors and ruin their finish. Make sure any excess materials that may scrape the floor are removed before vacuuming too. Make use of protective bristles on your vacuum cleaner head to ensure that it glides over your floors easier.


Suitable Cleaners: 

Mopping your timber floors once a month with a damp, but not excessively moist mop will keep them looking shiny. Warm soapy water will usually do the trick. Be careful to avoid harsh soaps with lots of chemicals. Specialist cleaning products can also be purchased from any hardware and home stores. Just ensure whatever you’re using is the right fit for your floor. 

Furniture Pads:

Everyday wear and tear is unavoidable. From feet to furniture, you can’t avoid the effect certain things will have on your floors over time. Furniture pads are a great way to drastically reduce the way furniture can slowly damage your floors. Now your furniture will sit safely on your floors and things like chairs wont scratch the timber when repeatedly pulled in and out.