Tiger Woods Crash and Single-Car Accidents Details

As the new update on Tiger Woods’ condition claims he is in ”good spirits” after his car crash last Tuesday and subsequent leg injury, the world can finally sigh in relief that their favorite professional golfer will be alright.

But last Tuesday, things weren’t so optimistic when the news of Woods’ car crash echoed around the world. Following his rollover accident near Los Angeles, Woods suffered open fractures to his right leg.

Both his tibia and fibula were broken, and he also sustained injuries to his ankle and foot. An emergency surgery involving the insertion of a rod, pins, and screws as needed. But considering Woods survived what the officials described as a fatal crash, injuring only his right leg can be considered as luck.

Woods car was traveling on a downhill section of the road when it crossed over the central reservation area, across the two lanes, before hitting a curb and shortly after a tree. This caused his SUV to roll on the side in the bushes on the side of the road.

The airbags were activated, and the interior was mostly intact, but the exterior was crumpled, and because of it the rescue team had to use an axe and pry bar to extract Woods from his car. At the time, Woods was conscious and was communicating clearly with the officers until he was able to get out.

The officials are still investigating to determine the cause of the crash. According to officials’ statements, it is still unclear whether Woods was speeding, but it is known that the weather was not a factor in this car accident. Many experts have stated that his crash had all the signs of a driver who fell asleep at the wheel or was unconscious.

Despite the gravity of his crash, the car accident hadn’t caused any property damage or injured anyone else except Woods. For that reason, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said Woods will not face any criminal charges.

Villanueva said “We don’t contemplate any charges whatsoever in this crash. This remains an accident. An accident is not a crime. They do happen, unfortunately.”

Legal Details of a Single-Vehicle Accident

A single-vehicle accident doesn’t always have to be caused by the drivers’ negligence or reckless driving. There are instances where a single-vehicle accident may occur when the driver tries to avoid a collision with another vehicle.

But even if the real accident is avoided, if you end up hitting an obstacle while trying to prevent a potentially fatal accident, you can still take legal actions against the driver that caused your crash.

Many different things can cause a single-car accident, such as:

-drivers own negligence

-another driver’s negligence

-defective brakes or tires

-mechanic negligence

-bad weather

-bad roads

If you get injured in a single-vehicle accident caused by any of these reasons, you should talk to a Los Angeles car accident attorney who will help you seek compensation for your injuries.

If another driver or a mechanical malfunction caused your single-vehicle accident, filing a lawsuit with a help of an experienced personal injury attorney can make your road to recovery easier by getting you the compensation you deserve.