Ticket booking app and their feature

Everyone likes to avail themselves the chance to book tickets for different events, sports, movies, and concerts without going out. Contrastingly different companies would like to sell tickets online more efficiently either. Here are already two groups of users who efficiently book tickets from these apps. So it is time to build the business through the online ticket booking system. It sounds difficult and somehow it is. There are many hurdles to get success because competition is high and the project itself is really complete. Anyways every mess has a solution and all necessity is required to make a well-planned strategy for promotion. Before analyzing the ticket booking app and their feature let’s have views of what kinds of tickets booking apps are there.  

  • Movies booking tickets
  • Transport ticket booking
  • Events booking tickets
  • Booking tickets for seminars/ workshops
  • Focused on play tickets

Feature of booking tickets:

  • User account
  • Geolocation
  • Search events
  • Ticket Search
  • Event details
  • Booking ticket
  • Payment method
  • Ticket management
  • Display the book venue
  • Feedback from clients
  • Discovery chat
  • Notification from the company about the ticket system

Some ticket booking apps are competitors and users must be aware of how they temp public for using their services. Their perspective may help the user while sketching the correct strategy.


This is the leader of ticket booking apps in the United States and Canada for entertainment events. Particularly Ticketmaster is the official partner of the National Hockey League, National Football League, and Association of National Basketball (all are placed in North America). This is the reason many people consider it the best ticket booking app. The application provides a great solution to purchase tickets safely and rapidly so undoubtedly this app deserves the title of the best ticket booking app because whatever a ticket user is searching for NBA Finals, a concert of favorite singers.


It specifically helps the people buying tickets who are looking for sports events, concerts, and many more. An app user among others gets the opportunity to purchase and sell already purchase tickets (if they are no longer required). Furthermore, all tickets are purchased with 100% confirmation guaranteed of seatgeat. This app also sponsored you tubers that make videos in favor of seatgeat.


This is another famous booking tickets app from mobile solution for different events and numerous types. Stubhub covers almost all events football, theater, concerts, and performances of cinema. This app is being used in almost 40 countries of Europe, Asia, and America and guarantees transaction security. This app offers to sort offers through interests and adjusts the user according to location. If the ticket is already sold out it is especially indispensable. People who change their minds and want to resale their tickets after passing the event can be managed to stack out a place. Stubhub permits them to do it rapidly.

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