Tian Zevon launches new kickstarter campaign with ForKids charity

Tian Zevon believes in giving back to the community and they strongly resonate with the principles of youth empowerment. They aspire to help youth who are living their life in poverty and therefore have started a new kickstarter campaign targeted for the youth.

Tian Zevon is a black owned luxury handbag brand that has managed to make quite a name for itself. Under the leadership of business moguls Tee Seabrone and Doog The Dude, the company has been doing great work so far. Apart from making massive sales, they are also aware of their corporate social responsibility.

The founders didn’t have very rosy childhoods. However, they managed to take their destiny in their own hands and therefore decided to do something that would make an impact in the community. This gave them the impetus to help others who struggle with poverty.

They feel that they are now privileged to be in a position where they could help others and so they want to empower struggling youth. This gave them the idea to start a kickstarter campaign and partner with a charity called ForKids to give underprivileged youth another shot at living a quality life. The kickstarter will run through December 9th, 2022.

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The youth are the future and they need to be well cared for. The company is hopeful that the fundraiser is going to generate the right results and this in turn will allow them to make a difference. Their own journey hasn’t been very easy but they have learned the right lesson from their uphill journey and want to make the most of their experience curve.

Those who would like to learn more about the kickstarter campaign and even those who would like to contribute to it should make it a point to visit

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Tian Zevon is a black owned luxury handbag brand that has managed to create a good name for themselves. They specialise in some of the finest quality products and also make it their mission to support and stay active within the community.

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