Throat Sprays Market Insights, Competitive Landscape, Innovations and Business Outlook till 2032

Because the common cold is caused by a viral infection, there is no cure; however, there is a well-established market for symptom relief that generates a lot of interest, demand, and spending.

According to Future Market Insights’ most recent industry analysis, the global Throat Sprays Market was valued at around US$ 465.7 Mn in 2021 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of close to 2.1% over the forecast period, reaching an estimated valuation of US$ 586.1 Mn in 2032.

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AttributesKey Insights
Throat Spray Market Base Year Value (2021)US$ 465.7 Mn
Estimated Market Size (2022)US$ 473.8 Mn
Projected Market Valuation (2032)US$ 586.1 Mn
Value-based CAGR (2022-2032)2.1%
Market Share of Top 5 Countries62.0%

The widespread spread of viral infections in recent years has increased demand for immune-boosting products. Even with the most stringent precautions, infections can spread through a variety of channels. Healthcare industry players are now looking for herbal products that boost immunity with minimal side effects in order to reduce risks and meet the demand for less harmful treatments.

Herbal infusions, cold beverages, lozenges, and candies containing herbal extracts with calming or numbing properties are frequently used to treat mild sore throat symptoms. The chemicals in lozenges and sweets, on the other hand, are rarely directed at the mouth cavity and are delivered slowly. Using a throat spray to treat a sore throat is a superior and practical treatment option that is also highly targeted for symptom relief.

β€œGrowing preference for natural-ingredient based throat sprays, along with wide availability of OTC medicines across online sales channels will create opportunities for growth in the market over the forecast period,” says an FMI analyst.

Key Takeaways:

  • Anesthetic throat spray sales will increase through 2032, according to product type.
  • By 2032, the pump and dispensers segment will account for approximately 2% of the total spray market.
  • Demand for 20-30 mL throat sprays will increase at a 4% CAGR over the forecasted years.
  • By 2032, hospital pharmacies will dominate the market. In 2021, the segment held approximately 4% of the total market share.
  • Through 2032, the United States will lead the North American throat sprays market.
  • Throat spray demand in Germany is expected to grow at a 2.9% CAGR over the forecast period.
  • During the assessment period, sales in the China throat sprays market will grow at a 1.9% CAGR.

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Competition Landscape

Research, investment in R&D, strategic collaborations, and technology play a vital role in the throat sprays market growth. Manufacturers and integrators commonly use acquisitions, collaborations, promotions, expansions, and product launches to transfer technology and broaden their customer base internationally. For instance:

  • In June 2021, URSATEC developed a melatonin spray – 100% free from preservatives. It is an effective sleep spray, which is void of any kind of preservatives, for better tolerability and safe use.
  • In March 2022, Procter & Gamble announced that it would expand its manufacturing facility located at 100 Swing Road in Greensboro by 80,000 square feet and create an additional 46 jobs. The company plans to invest $110 million in the expansion.

What Does the Report Cover?

Future Market Insights offers a unique perspective and actionable insights on the throat sprays market in its latest study, presenting a historical demand assessment of 2015 – 2021 and projections for 2022 – 2032.

The research study is based on the spray type – (anaesthetics throat sprays, anti-inflammatory throat sprays, pain relief throat sprays, anti-bacterial throat sprays, and natural extract throat sprays), by closures (aerosol sprays, and pump & dispensers), by capacity (5 ml, 10-15 ml, 20-30 ml, and >30 ml), by distribution channel (retail store chains, drug stores, hospital pharmacies, and online pharmacies), across seven key regions of the world.

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Key Market Segments Covered in Throat Sprays Industry Research

Spray Type:

  • Anaesthetics Throat Sprays
  • Anti-inflammatory Throat Sprays
  • Pain Relief Throat Sprays
  • Anti-bacterial Throat Sprays
  • Natural Extract Throat Sprays


  • Aerosol Sprays
  • Pump and Dispensers


  • 5 ml
  • 10-15 ml
  • 20-30 ml
  • >30 ml

Distribution Channel:

  • Retail Store Chains
  • Drug Stores
  • Hospital Pharmacies
  • Online Pharmacies

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