Three types of wigs that can be bought from Luvme

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Three types of wigs that can be bought from Luvme

2.Bob wigs

3.1Closure lace wigs

3.2Pros of buying closure lace wigs

4.U part wig human hair


When it comes to wigs we often hear many rumours. How wigs can easily come off the head which is only true if you don’t install them properly. Wigs don’t look natural this is only true if you don’t maintain the wigs. People can very easily tell you are wearing a wig at the first glance this rumor is very untrue. If you buy a good quality real human hair wig, especially from a good store we guarantee you nobody will be able to differentiate the wig from your natural hair. Generally, good quality human hair wigs are even better looking than the real hair. Most of the rumours you hear about wigs are spread by people who have never worn them in their life. If this is your first time considering buying a wig then do not hesitate. Because in this article we will mention about three types of that you can buy. So continue reading. 

Bob wigs

Do you love short hair but are not sure whether you should risk cutting your hair? Because you might think if I end up looking horrible no one wants that and nobody wants to take such a risk, especially with hair when it takes so long to grow them. Here Bob wigs come as a solution with Bob wigs you will be able to highlight your facial features and look stunning. Many women love Bob wigs because of this reason and you would love it too once you buy your own Bob wig. As Bob wigs come in various lengths and textures so you can easily decide which one you should buy for yourself overall you will not be limited to just one boring option.

Closure lace wigs

If you don’t have much information about closure lace wigs but are interested in learning more about this kind of wig then don’t worry we got you covered. The closure lace wigs come in 4X4 size and are a great way to cover up baldness through a particular style. The three main styles that the closure lace wigs give to their wearer are based on the parting it comes with. These parts are the free part, center part, and three way part. Out of these three partings, the center part only allows a single way of styling whereas the free part closure lace wig gives the maximum number of styling options to its wearer.

Pros of buying closure lace wigs

Here are some of the pros of buying closure lace wigs:

  1. Compared to sew-in frontal wigs closure lace wigs are much easier to take care of. With closure lace wigs you can easily take off the wig once you are finished for the day. It is also easy to wash and style the lace closure wigs.
  2. Closure lace wigs are very suitable for warm weather as you don’t need any glue or adhesive to attach the closure lace wigs. So when compare to sew-in frontal wigs that need glue and become loose after 2 to 3 weeks, especially in hot weather the closure lace wigs are a much better option that should consider buying.

U part wig human hair

U part wigs human hair is made from real human hair and the thing which makes this wig different from other kinds of wigs is that it has a u shaped parting in its middle. This u shaped hole in the center has a special function. This hole is made to let the blending of real hair with the hair of the wigs easily. With this wig, you have the choice the style your edges however you wish. With this wig, you can also add length to your natural hair if your real hair is short.


Buying wigs can be difficult this is why in this article we have listed the features of three kinds of wigs that you can buy from luvmehair store, so you can easily decide which wig you should get for yourself or someone else. All of the wigs mentioned in this article are available at the luvmehairstore in premium quality so don’t forget to check out their store if you are interested in buying high quality wigs.

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