Three Reasons Why You Should Use cPanel Hosting for Your Business

Are you looking to design a website? Have you considered cPanel hosting?

cPanel is a control panel available on the Linux platform. It helps to create websites using Content Management Systems such as WordPress.

You can also create email addresses, manage domains, and organize your web content. It’s a simple alternative to professional website hosting. It’s a perfect solution for new webmasters.

So why you should consider cPanel web hosting? What are its best features and how is it better than other alternatives?

Here’s what you need to know:

1. It’s Affordable

The biggest turnoff for many webmasters is the high cost of website hosting. Luckily, there is such a thing as cheap cPanel hosting such as Domaincot’s cPanel Hosting

As such, it offers a low barrier to entry. You can attempt to build a website and manage an online presence without breaking the bank. 

This is especially great for entrepreneurs. It lets you experiment with building a website without cutting deeply into your company’s expenses.

2. Privacy and Protection

Another great aspect of cPanel is that it’s a private hosting option. You can only access your cPanel using a username and password.

As such, you want to make sure you keep this information private as well. It’s also suggested that you change your login credentials often. This ensures that hackers can’t easily access your cPanel.

You’ll also don’t have to stress about potential attacks to cPanel. While no system is perfect, cPanel has built-in features to fight viruses and malware. You can also expect cPanel to offer suggestions to protect your account.

You still want to make sure you have a secure internet connection and that you think carefully about creating login credentials. Make sure that you also refresh your website data to shield it from hackers.

The privacy and protection aspects alone are what separate cPanel from alternative web hosting solutions.

3. Accessing Your cPanel Is Simple

So how does one login to cPanel? You have to first find the IP address associated with your computer.

Once you’ve registered with cPanel and made your account you have to type your domain in the browser URL bar.

After you’ve typed your domain name, enter a colon (:) and then type the last 4 digits of your IP address.

Then you get to enter your login credentials to enter your cPanel. This is what adds to the privacy of your cPanel. As long as you don’t reveal your IP address, you can protect access to your cPanel.

Those are the 3 reasons why you should consider using cPanel for your web hosting services. Now let’s look at some of the further advantages of choosing cPanel and how to use it.

Storage Space

Once you’ve set up Linux on your computer, you can then install cPanel. It’s advisable that you choose a separate computer for running your cPanel.

On average, you’ll need 20 GB of free space to install cPanel. It’s also best to have 512 MB of RAM. But if you plan on building a complex website, you want to increase your RAM to at least 1 GB.

It’s always a better option to use a desktop computer to install Linux on. You should only use Linux on a laptop if you travel often.


One of the best advantages of cPanel is that it makes it simple to transfer your website content. 

When you run a website on a traditional web hosting platform, transferring your website can be a major strain. You have to change your DNS settings and request a transfer.

This can be a strenuous process and can also be time-consuming. You might expect to have to communicate with your web host to complete the transfer.

With cPanel, you place your transfer request and it gets done within a matter of minutes. It’s one of the easiest processes when using cPanel.

Web Browsers

While cPanel only works with Linux, it works with several web browsers. You can use it with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari.

You can also try to use cPanel with niche web browsers such as Brave or Tor. 

You want to choose a web browser that lets you add third-party plugins. cPanel lets you take advantage of these plugins to improve your experience.

Some of the best plugins you can enjoy can help you with the following:

  • Writing quick emails
  • Writing quick blog posts
  • Allowing guest posts
  • Social media marketing plugins

While cPanel is secure you should focus on choosing your web browser that has built-in security features. You should also consider using a VPN service while you work through your cPanel.

Protect Access to Files

One of the biggest advantages that we mentioned of cPanel is that it’s not easy for everyone to access it. 

You also get to protect your files and choose who gets to access them. If you have multiple webmasters, you can assign them different privileges with your web files.

You can choose which webmasters get to access your files and which ones don’t get to. You can also assign rights to these files. So some webmasters can edit files while others can only view files.


You can also ensure high-end support if you opt for cPanel. With a traditional web hosting solution, you’ll have to contact customer service.

cPanel can also see the issues that your website is facing. It can automatically detect an error and fix it. cPanel can also upgrade its infrastructure whenever needed.

In other words, you’ll have less of a headache when you deal with cPanel. You won’t have to stress about always having to contact support.

Choose cPanel Hosting Today

Now that you know the 3 reasons why you should choose cPanel hosting for your online presence.

It’s an affordable option that allows you to take risks and experiment with web design. It’s a perfect option for first-time webmasters and entrepreneurs.

You’ll also find it easy to access your cPanel and it ensures privacy. It’s one of the best ways to build websites and manage your online presence.

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