Three Mistakes a Business Analyst Should Avoid

The business Analyst plays a dominant role in the growth and survival of any business. He also works as the communicator within the organization. He has the insight of business and provides the solutions to business. He closely monitors the practices and process of business and with the in-depth research, works to improve them. The role also requires working with the senior management and bridging the communication gap within the organization.

The business analyst helps the organization completing the task but sometimes can unintentionally make a mistake which can lead the business into troubles. But every mistake brings the new exposure and learning for many. Sean St. John, managing director at National Bank, has dedicated his expertise to the organizations like Right to play and the United Way by helps entrepreneurs to grow their businesses by working on their skills.  Sean St. John Toronto has spent the last 25 years of his professional career working in the banking and financial industry. Skills being learned with your teammates will help when the individual works with others.

Lack of Communication within the organization and with the stakeholders:

The business analyst needs to be very careful while communicating within the company as well as with the stakeholders. Sometimes, he tends to ignore the stakeholders and works on the assumption that they will resolve on their own. By doing so, he is only increasing the problems of the business.

He tries to avoid the stakeholders sometimes as they are difficult to handle, while sometimes they are uncooperative. But in this situation, his interpersonal skills come into play. Rather than ignoring them, he needs to build trust among them by patiently dealing with them.

Not switching the company:

He needs to define his career path, by working in the same organization for a long time, he is restricting his growth and skills. Working in the same project for a long time could only shrink his value.

Come out of the shell and don’t limit the opportunities in the market rather explore the business where to work for the success of the business but also the business analyst has the exposure and experience dealing with certain real-life scenarios and challenges. Put in efforts and brand yourself.

Failing to review and investigate:

For the success and to show the world that the business is doing something different, it is the imperial part of the business to grab the golden opportunity. But going for it without thorough investigation and review will create the problem for your business.

Before starting the project, review its scope in the future. Gather all the facts and information about the project and document your requirement. Communicate all the facts clearly to the clients, state every pros and cons, and if there is any potential threat to the business.

Do not rush and take things for granted, investigate, conduct a lot of research, ask questions, and clear all your doubts before entering into any deal.