Three Key Questions To Ask Your Chimney Sweep

People often take their chimneys for granted and assume them to be in a good condition considering the way they look from outside. Little do they know that chimneys need to be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. If the chimneys are not cleaned properly then they will end up getting blocked and won’t allow the smoke to pass outside. You cannot ascertain the condition of your chimney based on how it looks from outside. You may never get to know it’s internal condition until and unless you opt for a chimney inspection. Getting your chimney inspected from time to time by professionals enables you to mark the problematic areas in earlier stages only and get rid of them on time. Just like you want to keep your house always clean and tidy, similarly chimneys are a part of your home and you need to get them cleaned up on a regular basis by professional chimney sweeps.

There are various chimney cleaning agencies available in the market offering great quality service. But you need to make out which company is best out of the rest. In order to do that below given are three key questions to ask your chimney sweep:

How long have you been in this market?

  • The first and foremost question you need to ask is how long the concerned company has been in the market. If they have been a part of this industry for a long time then they will certainly provide quality services but if they are new to this market or do not have enough experience then their services might lack quality.
  • Always and always hire an experienced chimney sweep because then only you will be entitled to quality services and satisfactory results.

Do you carry a valid license and insurance?

  • Working with a licensed and insured company gives you surety against frauds. A company that doesn’t have a license is more likely to conduct frauds and provide unsatisfactory services.
  • You obviously do not want to become bait in any of such frauds and stay clear of it so be certain to check for the chimney sweep’s license.
  • Chimney is an important asset of your home and you definitely do not want anything going wrong with its installation or cleaning services. So be careful and ask for valid license and insurance proofs from the concerned company before hiring them.

Can you present some references?

  • Do not finalize any random chimney sweep without looking at the references or past proof of their work. You can even ask the concerned company to take you through their chimney inspection criterion, chimney cleaning strategies and chimney installation procedure.
  • Looking at some references will help you make out the quality of their services and whether the company is suitable for you or not.

Based on the answers of aforementioned questions you can decide whether you want to hire that particular chimney sweep or not. If you find their answers and proofs satisfactory then you can close a deal with them.