Three Go to Websites to Make Voice Over

An individual is who is entering into the world of voice over, it is hard for them to find reliable work and this results into these individuals freelancing.

As we all know internet has made many things easy to access, one thing that is more than easy is to find new jobs and gigs. There are multiple websites which provides us with voice over jobs and many places where you find potential clients that could hire an individual. Other local languages like Hindi are also gaining popularity for this gig. 

You do not necessarily be a voice over artist to land these gigs. You can use a few hacks and tricks to make voice over online and make easy money.  Here are a few websites where you can easily create voice overs – 



SpeechMax  is know for its AI-based solution that generates any text to voice for free. It is specially very popular in India. It is designed for catering to the Hindi speaking population but can also convert English text to lively voices. SpeechMax provides a voice that is developed to deliver the most suitable voice accommodated and a good experience to listeners. 

It is Made with Artificial Intelligence technology, and is one of the best and promising text to speech online converting software. Speechmax has all provisions in every aspect of the text to conversion into voice with its free services. It also has paid plans available but most of the work can be done through free services.

SpeechMax is very easy to use even if you do not know how to. Once a user opens the site, they find a text bar where they can type or paste the desired text that they need for audio conversion. It can be used easily for vernacular languages like converting Hindi text to speech into quality voices.


Voice over is the most effective way to convey information that naturally doesn’t fit into a plot or other visual elements. 

Businesses in all industries benefit with the services of a professional voice over artist. Their work is added to educational videos, ads, podcasts or any other platform. When someone evaluates talent, looks for experience in the industry and with the type of media they are working with, access to a professional studio, whether the voice matches with the brand position and other factors, they find a good fit on Fiverr with reasonable rates.


Upwork is a very famous American freelancing platform. In the year 2015, the Elance-o-Desk merger was rebranded into Upwork and the company’s full name is now know as Upwork Global Inc.

Automatic works with Upwork to construct their remote-first company. There is an availability of more than 1,615 Voice Over Actor jobs.

They aid a movies visual effect by adding more clarity. Even if a movie is not targeting any specific audience, voice-overs are used to fill spaces in interviews and documentaries.   This is something which Upwork understands and helps clients uncover the benefits of voice over services. You can earn thousands of dollars on Upwork by doing voice over jobs. 


Voice overs are a lucrative hustle which goes on the side for some as well as a profession for many, it tends to replace the main job of some people as well in the coming future.