Three Common Types of Dozers

Bulldozers are commonly used on construction, road building,  mining, and farms sites to push and excavate dirt and debris. Additionally, they’re also used to back-fill trenches, clear and level land, and maintain roads.

In today’s blog, we’ll explore the three most common types of Bulldozers and considerations to factor in before choosing a bulldozer.

Choosing the Right Type of Bulldozer:

Consider the following factors before investing in a bulldozer.:

  • The type and size of the terrain
  • Purpose of use
  • The type of material you’re working with

Once you have decided the type of bulldozer, the next step is to determine the right kind of blade. Different blades serve different purposes. Choose the most suitable type of blade that can handle the desired load and the material. The most common and shortest type of blade is called an Straight blade. It works best for fine-grained and medium to hard density materials. However, it has limited lifting and carrying capabilities because of its straight shape. Mostly, it’s used for stumping, back-filling, grading, and evening soil.

The second common type of blade is an Angle blade.  As the name implies, it can be angled both left and right, making it a good candidate for fine grading and casting materia to the side

The third common type of blade is a U-blade. The U-blade has large side wings and a curved shape that makes it suitable to push materials across long stretches of land. In most places, it is considered to be the largest blade and is effective in dealing with the soft to medium-density soil.

Besides these two, there’s a combination of both, known as Semi-U blade. A stronger penetration and enhanced versatility make it ideal for a wide range of purposes.

Let’s take a look at the three most common types of dozers.

1. Crawler Dozer

The most common type of a dozer is Crawler Dozer, used on uneven and irregular terrains. Unlike a wheel dozer, it has tracks beneath it and a ripper attached at the back for improved assistance in breaking tough ground rip rock. These tracks make it a suitable choice for any terrain that requires traction, such as a muddy or slippery surface.

Crawler dozers are available in different sizes and capacities — most between 75 horsepower to 900 horsepower. Crawler dozers weigh somewhere between 20,000 pounds to 240,000 pounds depending on their horsepower.

  1. Wheel Dozer

As the name suggests, a wheel dozer comes with wheels making it easier for the vehicle to move and turn. If you want to work on solid ground with relatively level terrain, a wheel dozer can be good choice because it puts moderate pressure on a surface. It’s also a suitable choice for a project that requires a lot of movement. It is faster both forward and in reverse tha a track tractor tractor. In terms of size, a wheel dozer is usually range in size from medium track type dozers to large track dozers. They comes with articulated hydraulic steering that allows it to move on a smaller axis.

3. Mini Bulldozer

The mini bulldozer is the third most common type of dozers, also referred to as compact bulldozers. Their small size makes them a perfect choice for narrow areas and small lots such as a driveway. Mini bulldozers offer limited function and aren’t suited for slippery and muddy areas.


We have shared some common types of bulldozers and their purposes. If you are looking for a bulldozer, you can contact us and learn more information. Our customer support team is here to answer your concerns and queries.