This upcoming artist is already making waves on social media

Every once in a while a person comes who stands out in a crowd, does something not many can do and achieve success very early in life. Nick E. Stahl is one of those who are able to create their unique identity and become a brand themselves. Nick is from Oxford, Pennsylvania and belongs to a humble family. He is one of the most famous bodybuilders and fitness experts on social media (among top 1% in the fitness community). He was also nominated and attended the first ever Worlds Social Media Influencer Awards 2018, held in Monaco.

Nick was very enthusiastic about bodybuilding and fitness since his childhood. He explains the first time he ever did a physical workout was inspired by his father Keith Stahl. His father himself was an active member of the health club in his early years. Nick was also athletic and loves to play flag football on the weekends and Pittsburgh Steelers games. One of his favorite hobbies is roller blading. Nick started training other people and went viral on social media for his unique methods of bodybuilding. Now is a well-known social media celebrity and interacts with people through his Instagram: @nickstahlofficial.

Nick loves art and is a very good artist too. Nick is a painter and won several art competitions in his school days. Right now he has turned toward a more abstract style of painting and rolled out a few things in upcoming months. His dream is to be a celebrated career on the silver screen. He has always been a big time movie buff and eagerly awaits the moment he finds himself on the big screen. His lifelong dream brought him to the city of angels (L.A.), a town celebrated for its legacy in Hollywood. Nick credits James Franco & Channing Tatum for inspiration and he is a lifelong fan of James Franco. He has been actively learning acting and being coached by one of the best acting classes in America. He was recently signed with Mike Gerard at Esprit Talent Agency. Over the past many years Nick has collaborated with over 100 different companies. Nick has even launched his own fitness brand unSTAHLable. Nick had his fair share of personal struggle too and initial years were very tough for him due to family responsibilities. Nick is still quite young but has achieved so many things. Looking at his work, good things definitely await him.

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