This Las Vegas Tech Mogul Is Creating Innovative Entertainment And Marketing Solutions

Prophecy Onasis is a decorated and highly skilled tech entrepreneur with 20 years of experience at the forefront of the media and entertainment industry at Vuuzle Media Corporation.


A man that believes in the power of hard work and true resilience he believes it’s his work ethics that has helped him thrust forward into his respective fields, earning them a name to be remembered by people for a lifetime.


The technology world is one where many of such names have surfaced, especially in the last few years as many individuals through their innovations and creativity have tried to provide the ‘wow’ factor to the audiences. The media and the entertainment world has welcomed these astute minds to take the industry forward through tech content, networks and apps that go ahead in changing the landscape of the media and the tech world for the better. Prophecy Onasis serves as the best example of a man and a high-performing professional who has built tech projects, radiating his passion and determination as a tech entrepreneur.


Prophecy Onasis is considered as a rockstar in the game of social media. He handles the position of the CTO of Vuuzle Media Corporation, a highly prominent media and entertainment firm. This skilled tech entrepreneur has come at the forefront of the media and the tech space by building online business models like native apps and content delivery networks for entertainment purposes. Prophecy Onasis has increased his stocks in the industry with his years of experience by monetizing short and long-form video with programmatic advertising. Not just that, he also stands at the helm of Vuuzle TV CDN platform, VUMU Music platform and a 3-dimensional content delivery platform named Clout9. Before making it this huge in the media and entertainment field, Prophecy Onasis worked as rising artist and producer in the music industry.


Prophecy Onasis has always maintained that he tries to channel the innovative child in him and build things that can provide uniqueness to people. Considering his USP, Prophecy Onasis also says that he can build and identify the source of the market behaviour before he starts building anything. This passionate tech entrepreneur’s successful tech projects include Vuuzle TV, an OTT streaming platform, VUMU, a music streaming platform and Clout9, 3D content delivery platform. All of these tech projects of his have been turned into globally-recognized brands in a very short period.


Prophecy Onasis also works in partnership with a powerful company like Verizon and their certified OTT development team. Talking about the lessons he learnt while building tech companies from the ground up, Prophecy Onasis highlights that the journey has been tough and he has fought hard to be recognized in the vast tech world. He points out that people need to engage more in actions rather than only in talks. Professionals must always try to work around projects and products that offer some value to the public as skills in itself cannot help professionals get nearer their goals in life.


Lastly, the ace tech entrepreneur emphasizes the epic part that tech will play in moving forward the world, as the pandemic has changed the way technology has been used. Now, more than ever, people and businesses will rely on tech to move forward.