This is Xiaomi’s “smart” fishbowl

 Xiaomi's “smart” fishbowl

We all know that Xiaomi’s product catalog is not only very extensive, but also full of strange and truly amazing products. For example, in addition to the technological products that we like so much as the new Xiaomi Mi Note 10 with its 108 megapixel camera, the Chinese firm also dares with bottles of mineral water, cat beds and even a fishing rod.

That is why we are no longer surprised by Xiaomi. Even when we find this strange product for the home. Because the Chinese brand has just announced a “smart” fish tank at a very attractive price. Yes, as you read, a fishbowl, for fish …

This is the fish tank you will want to buy to take care of your fish
xiaomi fishbowl


Surely many of you love animals and especially fish. Although they are not animals that make a lot of company, the truth is that they are really beautiful and are perfect for decorating certain corners of the home. It is also true that caring for these animals is not cheap because they require a lot of care.

One of the essential elements to have fish is obviously the fish tank. Fish tanks are of all types, sizes and prices but we were never going to imagine that there were also “smart” ones. Well, not in the intelligent term like this microwave but it is that the Xiaomi fish tank has fascinated us with all the possibilities it has.

As we read in GizChina, this fish tank in addition to filtering the water automatically and constantly, which means that we do not have to be continuously changing it, also allows, among other functions, to grow flowers.

It has a 360 degree curved glass so we can see the fish from any angle and also has colored lights in case we want to give a different touch to the fishbowl. In addition, this product has a minimum consumption and works even connected to a powerbank. While best of all is its price, about 43 dollars. Even I felt like having fish at home.

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