This Is How to Have a Clean Restaurant

Did you know that unannounced routine health inspections are conducted more at higher risk facilities than ones at lower risk? If you don’t have a clean restaurant, this could be a cause for concern. However, keeping your restaurant clean means you don’t have anything to worry about when a health inspector shows up.

Read on to learn about how to have a clean restaurant.

Assign Tasks to Your Staff

Having a clean restaurant takes hard work from everyone on the staff. Restaurant cleaning should be part of staff training to ensure everyone is following health codes.

To keep your restaurant clean, walk new hires through each area of the restaurant, especially the kitchen. A clean restaurant kitchen is what every employee should aim to achieve. This means your staff should be able to work with equipment and know-how to clean it.

To stay organized on who needs to do what during the shift, consider implementing a dry erase board. Use this to write everything down that needs to be cleaned that day. This is what needs to get done before any employee goes home.

Clean Every Shift

Not only should you be cleaning after completing a shift, but you should also be cleaning as the day goes on. Having a sanitized restaurant means cleaning things up that may get dirty during the shift. Don’t leave a spill laying around until it’s time to clean up after a shift.

Cleaning throughout the shift also makes things easier on the staff. When you cleaning before, during, and after the shift, you have less to do all at one time.

Employees are often tired after a shift and won’t put in their best effort to leave the restaurant spotless. Instead of requiring everything to get completed at the end of the night, promote cleaning up whenever there is downtime.

Some common cleaning chores that can get done during a shift are washing prep equipment, emptying trays, wiping down prep areas, taking out the trash, etc. Implementing certain equipment, like this 3 compartment strainer, can make cleaning up easier. Having someone working as a dishwasher is also beneficial so there are constantly clean utensils for your customers.

Weekly Cleaning

Cleaning after every shift includes doing tasks like sweeping, wiping down mats, cleaning beverage dispensers, changing foil linings, etc. This is great to keep a clean restaurant, but it is not deep cleaning. Each week, your kitchen should get a good scrub down, including cleaning drains.

Monthly Cleaning

Every month, your restaurant should go through an even deeper clean. This includes getting rid of any buildup that may linger on your equipment like grease. It is also a good idea to clean the inside of your refrigeration units each month.

There are bigger projects you won’t have to deal with every month like checking ice machines and dishwashers. However, consider having a professional come to check on them along with heating and plumbing at least once a year.

You Need a Clean Restaurant

A restaurant owner should strive to have a spotless restaurant for many reasons. Being clean keeps you in business by bringing more customers in and not risking getting shut down by a health inspector. By following this guide, you can ensure you have a clean restaurant that people will enjoy eating in.

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