This Is How to Decorate a Nursery the Right Way

Now is an exciting time! You’re about to welcome a new little one into the home. With a baby on the way, it’s time to start planning how to decorate a nursery. 

There are a few factors that might play a role in your decoration decisions, such as the gender of the baby or a favorite children’s show or character for example. There’s more that goes into designing the perfect nursery, however. Your nursery decor should also keep things functional and safe for the baby.

In the guide below, there are several nursery decorating tips to keep in mind when starting the project. Here’s what you need to know. 

Select a Theme

Before beginning your design plans, you should start by choosing a theme. The theme can be anything you imagine! Think about what you believe your little one would love seeing each day as they grow up. 

You can choose a unicorn theme, a forest theme, a special character theme, or something else. Choose something you wouldn’t mind looking at every day either. A theme will help you come up with other nursery decor ideas that’ll tie it all together. 

Use Paint and Wall Decals

Painting the walls in the nursery is a great way to make it feel more warm and welcoming. Try to choose a paint color that’ll tie in with the overall theme. You can also consider having a mural painted on the walls to make it even more fun.

If you’d rather go the easier route, then consider placing wall decals from on the walls instead. Wall decals come in all sorts of fun designs and easily stick and peel off of the walls. 

Choose Furniture That Grows

When selecting the type of furniture to use in the nursery, be sure to find furniture pieces that grow with your little one. When you purchase a crib that transitions into a toddler bed or a daybed that transitions into a big-kid bed, you save money in the long run. 

There are plenty of different furniture pieces that grow with your little one. Make sure to find the ones that do and save yourself from having to furniture shop at each milestone. You should also look for furniture pieces that double as storage as well!

Place All Necessities at the Changing Table

When arranging the furniture and other items in the nursery, make sure you place all necessities at the changing table. If the changing table has drawers, then you’ll want to place all your creams, ointments, diapers, wipes, and other items there. 

You can place bows on a ribbon and pin it to the wall above the table. You should also keep all changes of clothes nearby as well. This prevents you from having to reach or leave the table to grab something. 

Keep Safety in Mind

Safety is one of the most important factors to incorporate into your nursery design. Place a soft rug under the crib and in the main floor area of the nursery. Keep large blankets, comforters, and bumpers out of the crib. 

Try to place furniture away from the windows and tie up any cords from the blinds. All heavy furniture should also be anchored to the wall to prevent it from falling when a toddler pulls themselves up on it. 

Do You Know How to Decorate a Nursery?

Were you once wondering how to decorate a nursery? We hope you now know how to create the ideal nursery design! Keep this helpful information handy when beginning the project.

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