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The Property market in North Cyprus has grown at an exponential rate. It is a bespoke and personalized luxury property market that offers high-profile developments and a beautiful island with a varied landscape and sunny weather. This article looks at the key features of the market, including the quality of properties, location and investment opportunities.

Property market in North Cyprus has grown exponentially

As the property market in the rest of Europe has experienced some ups and downs, property in North Cyprus has remained steady, which is remarkable considering the recent financial crisis.


North Cyprus is an incredibly attractive place to live. The country has a very low cost of living, a favorable tax regime, and first-class infrastructure and communications. There is also a very good education system and excellent health care. In addition, the crime rate is among the lowest in Europe. It is a perfect location for a luxury property and a good rental investment.

Luxury properties in North Cyprus usually feature private villas and pools. You can choose from studio flats to three and four-bedroom apartments, as well as duplex apartments. All of the properties are luxurious, have balconies, and meet international standards for five-star hotels. They are suitable for adults and are equipped with advanced engineering and security systems. There are even luxury hotels and casinos in the region. They provide the highest standard of service and are ideally located for the ultimate getaway.

The cost of luxury North Cyprus Properties depends on a range of factors, including the location and size of the property. In addition, the quality of the property and its surroundings should be taken into account.

Investment opportunities

There are a variety of investment opportunities in Northern Cyprus luxury properties. There are many types of properties, including villas, apartments, and townhouses suitable for both residential and holiday use. From ancient stone houses in the countryside to contemporary homes in the city, this region has something for every type of buyer. Whether you want a property that is ready to move into immediately or a project that can be renovated over time, Cyprus offers many possibilities for property ownership.

One of the most exciting aspects of investing in luxury property in North Cyprus is the growing international interest in the region. Many wealthy buyers are looking for the island’s low tax regime, offshore investment advantages, and proximity to Europe, Asia, and Africa. With this in mind, the real estate market in this region is expected to see significant price growth in the near future. As long as you can find an excellent location and build a decent, well-maintained building, you can expect to reap excellent returns on your investment.

Northern Cyprus apartments are a great option for first-time buyers. Due to its stable currency, it’s more affordable to buy in the area than in other parts of Turkey. Additionally, the educational system in the area is regarded as top-notch. For example, the universities here offer a wide range of programs, including English-language courses at international standards. They also have an excellent reputation for hiring qualified faculty, including many US-based guest lecturers.

Quality of property

North Cyprus is a relatively cheap place to buy property. Compared to neighboring countries, properties in Northern Cyprus are up to 30% lower in price. This makes it an excellent option for those looking for an apartment by the beach. Prices are generally lower than in neighboring Portugal and Spain, and 60-70 percent cheaper than in France and Italy. Aside from its attractive price, the region enjoys a pleasant climate and a high standard of living.


The demand for property in North Cyprus is increasing every year, and buying property is one of the ways to generate a steady income. The high tourist flow and steady economic growth has boosted the demand for property in the region. In addition to purchasing new properties, you can also resell them to earn a healthy amount of money. Furthermore, the cost of property in North Cyprus is about two to three times cheaper than in many other Mediterranean countries, and the quality of construction is always of a high standard.