This Christmas, Used Mazdas Make a Great Stocking Stuffer

Candy canes and candles are great, but can you imagine finding the keys to a Mazda in your stocking this Christmas? If you take the right approach to buying a used car, you might be shocked at the value you drive away with.

Let’s keep reading to learn more about Mazda’s Certified Pre-Owned Program and how it all works.

Perks of the Certified Pre-Owned Program

Do you know how to look under the hood of a car to see that everything is in good working order? Unlikely. Buying a used vehicle can be sketchy unless it’s from a Certified Pre-Owned program.

It’s comforting to buy a used Mazda from the Certified Pre-Owned Program because every vehicle will have undergone a thorough 160-point inspection by a factory-trained technician. When the people who build the cars give the used one you’re considering buying a thumb’s up, you know you can drive away in a quality vehicle.

Very Generous Warranties

No matter how good the vehicle’s shape, there’s always a chance that something can break down over time. It’s not enough to know that the car you bought was working well at the time of purchase.

Every Mazda vehicle in the Certified Pre-Owned Program comes with a 7-year/140,000 km (whatever comes first) Limited Powertrain Warranty. You might struggle to find a new car with a warranty this long!

Every vehicle in the program also comes with 24/7 emergency roadside assistance.

Used Cars Aren’t That Old and Have New Technology

Just because you’re buying a car used doesn’t mean it’ll have an 8-track in it! Used cars from recent years have a lot of the stunning technology found in the latest vehicles.

Many Mazdas from the last few years have sophisticated infotainment systems, so drivers can safely and legally use their smartphone to stay connected to friends and family, navigate, and listen to their favourite music.

Vehicles from 2015 or even older have very advanced safety technology that keeps you and all road users safer. Used CX-5s will warn you if there’s someone in your blind spot, and the rear-view camera will keep you aware of what’s behind you without having to strain your neck.

Be patient when looking for a used car because you need to find the right model, trim level, and colour. The bigger the selection at the dealership, the likelier you are to drive away happy.

Mazda has models for every kind of driver. There’s the Miata for the fun speedster, the CX-5 Crossover SUV for a rugged but nimble and peppy drive, or the well-rounded Mazda3 sedan or hatchback.

Buying a vehicle is always a big-ticket item, unlike the filler gifts you stuff in Christmas stockings. But having a personal vehicle may be the safest form of transportation right now, and many people ordinarily depend on their cars to get around. You might not be able to fit the vehicle itself in the stocking this Christmas, but the keys to a used Mazda you’ll love driving for years will fit just fine.